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Hey guys. I have recently started getting into shooting weddings. As far as technical stuff, I seem to have that part down pretty well (at least until I can come some more money to increase my equipment). The two things that I have struggled with greatly when I'm working on this video in post are: Transitioning from topic to topic. For instance, the reception speeches to cake cutting or from cake cutting to the big dances that take place such as father daughter. I can't seem to find a happy medium on how to make those transitions.

The second biggest thing I am struggling with is music. Obviously you can't do a wedding video and not have music, but I can't use music because of copyright issues. Do any of you have recommendations on what I can do there? I have found a couple websites for royalty free music but the songs just don't fit the theme of the weddings.

I'd greatly appreciate any feedback!

Thank you!!

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In a sense the choice of transitions reflects the overall style of your wedding video. You can treat the piece episodically, fading to black at the end of each "episode." Most television and motion picture dramas do this. An example: long shot from alter as the first bridesmaid walks down the aisle toward the alter. Second bridesmaid begins walk, fade to black (1 sec); fade up on reverse angle shot from back of the sanctuary with all the bridesmaids at alter. You've established the action, compressed time and established the result of the action. Continue this technique with each section of the wedding.

Second choice would be to keep the piece "organic," for want of a better term. In this scenario, start with a shot from the alter of bridesmaid walking down aisle for example, cut to CU of her flowers, cut to CU of the floral arrangement at alter and pull out to reveal all the bridesmaids now assembled at alter. Or for the cake cutting you refer to: CU of cake; pull out to show bride cutting cake, cut to CU of fork cutting into cake slice on a plate, cut to wide shot as bride approaches dance floor with father, cut to CU bride and father dancing, match dissolve to bride dancing with groom. In this scenario "B" roll is your friend, allowing you to cut from the primary action to a secondary associated action, then cutting to a new and different primary action.

With regard to music: if music is playing as part of the action -- e.g., before the ceremony or during the dancing -- it's o.k. to include this in your video. It's not o.k. to extract the music, however; in other words, to use music from the bride/groom dance when the bride and groom are getting into the getaway lemo. There are a great many royalty free music sites with good music tracks. Some require that you purchase their discs others that you buy single cuts; but once bought you can use the cuts indefinitely without further payment. Music Bakery and Music2Hues have really good song collections and there are many more that others on the Forum may suggest.

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Talk to the happy couple about the music. What you don't want to do in this particular arena is assume. That's how one makes bad choices with wedding music.