Light Meter App - Compass App

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Has anyone come across a good light meter app you can use on your Android cell phone to properly light a room for filming?

Also, any compass app with details of say 43 degrees NNW not just NSEW?

Thank you!

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I went to a camera shop to buy a light meter, but oddly enough the store clerk suggested I try this app before she ding all that money. Caught off guard by the storeman's honesty, I decided to try it out. However, I have nothing to compare it to. Can anyone else (who owns a light meter and a newish a druid phone) please do a few comparison tests and figure out the truth for me?

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As for the apps - surely the issue here is that the only measurement they can make is for brightness, as in what they use to set the exposure on the camera. Most proper light meters have a number of modes that involve white domes or screens that prevent collimation. Camera lenses do the opposite and collect light from specific angles and converge it. With multiple light paths, the results would be much as the data collected suggests - flawed.

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Which make and model have you used that's proven reliable and is least costly as they can be expensive.


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A cell phone is a capable device for any picture taker, regardless of whether you're utilizing it to take pictures or make shots simpler. There are endless diverse applications that can make your telephone into any photograph contraption possible. In this instructional exercise, you'll figure out how to transform your telephone into a solid light meter.

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I clicked through to - but that's just selling essays. Where is the info re: transforming your telephone into a solid light meter? Thanks.