Multiple Video Camera Angle Synchronized Review

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I am a very novice user of video equipment. I film little league games so that the coaches can review the game and the parents can get video of their kids great plays. I am using multiple cameras and have not found a way to play the video back with each recording time sync. I'd like to be able to watch all the camera angles simultaneously and synchronized. All the software I have found to do this is fairly expensive. I film for free. How can I do this and not spend a small fortune?

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What you need to do, is before the game starts, all camera operators group together, all point their cameras recording, at a person, this Person claps their hands, all cameras zoomed in on this event. Now as long as the cameras never shut the filming off, they are in post, they have film through the whole game, never shut the recording off and it will work. If one camera shuts off, then you are not going to be in Sync. While the cameras are recording, any zoom level can be used, the only thing they cannot do is stop recording. Those cameras need a big enough battery to last the whole game.


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I have found after years of shooting theatre performances with two or more cameras that the easiest way to sync footage in post is with a foot fall rather than with sound. Locate a moment in the game (or in my case in a musical play) where someone is running down the base line. Then line up footage from all your cameras so each coincides with the runner's left foot touching the ground. It's a great deal easier than trying to sync using audio.

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