File Management Question: How do I organize my files if using the same one for different projects?

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Hi there!

I'm having an issue that is probably easily solved but I was just looking to see if I could get some advice on it.

Each of my projects has their own folder. The project folder contains all the relevant files for that project.

The problem is the same file is sometimes used in more than one project. At the moment I have duplicates of that file for each project folder. Is this the best way to do this or is this a messy solution. Any opinions?

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I do my projects the same way and I think it's the best way to do it. This way everything is in the same place and it makes project backups so much easier. No need to go searching different hard drives as everything is in one place.


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I use the same file structure, and because of what Mike said, I copy a file that is used and reused, to each new project folder that needs it. There is nothing worse than pulling a project from your archives, in a year or two (or...) and discovering that you can't load the entire project because files are missing; files that were never stored with the project. For what it's worth, when I find a clip that is getting used in multiple projects over time, I keep those in a folder called, "Library", in the root of my Productions folder - then copy them to each project that uses them.

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Thank's guys. I wasn't sure if If it was a good method but yeah I see your points on making sure all of the relevant files for a project are always together and none are missing!