10 Ways To Build Your Voice-Over Skills

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Tip #11

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Tip #11 is to slow down. This tip is valid even without hearing you because inevitably you ought to slow down. There aren't any speed camera's, of course, but it's best to slow down anyway. It is just a good tip, so slow down!


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Yes, it's important! One of our local meteorologists (real name withheld), not slowing down (Tip #11), trying to fit it all in, always sound like he's saying "Hi, I'm urologist Bob Dobbs...." Ahem.


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A woman complained in Parade (Marilyn Vos Savant's column) about the lack of deep, virile mail voice-overs like "the old days."   Should we tell her that in the "old days" voices were conditioned by two packs of unfiltered cigarettes every day?   I lost an octave when I quit smoking but I kept working for another 45 years.  No contest!


Graham Thatcher

Absorber screens

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On the subject of gear, worth mentioning the use of some sort of absorber. Either a mobile vocal booth or a DIY insulated box or even just a duvet etc. can make a substantial difference in how a voice records.