Sony Vegas Pro 13 Review

Screen grabs of Sony Vegas Pro 13


4K is seemless with Vegas Pro

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I tried them all:  Premiere, Avid, FCP, and finally settled on Vegas Pro.  I use quite an array of plug-ins (because I use a myriad of cameras), and worried that when I added 4K into the mix that it would grind my computer to a halt.  It didn't.  In fact, I haven't even noticed a difference.  Now I'm filming with both the Sony FS700RH and the Sony AX100 4K cameras, and my workflow hasn't changed.  Sony accepts almost every format that exists---that cannot be said for FCP or others, who are trying to force a certain format on the industry.  I can't think of one reason to ever leave Vegas Pro for another NLE.

Glad to see Vegas getting the press

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I too have tried most all of them.  Avid, Edius, Premiere, and so on.  None are pefect, including Vegas, but one thing became very clear.  Most common tasks that I do in Vegas seen far more intuitive that in any other NLE.  Often a number of additional steps, and far less intuitive.  


It's nice to see Vegas get some press now and then, because so much of the established DV plublications esentially ignore it.  


Being able to drop virtually any combination of media right on the timeline and just go, is a joy.  

Vegas Pro 13

I have been a Vegas users since the Sonic Foundry days and have upgraded every time itis available.  When Vegas 12 arrived it was a bit of a dissapointment. It had issues which made it very difficult to work with.  However I am finding Version 13 a big improvement.  And using it in conjunction with the Production Assistant program, it has made leaps and bounds of improvement.  It is a very underrated editing package.  

In todays marketplace, I am concentrating more on internet based production rather than broadcast and the ability of this package to deliver a multitude of different formats works for me, and my clients.  I shoot on P2 and deliver as *.mp4 for internet use and the pictures are wonderful.  

This is an incredibly versatile package.