Script Writing

Script Writing


I totally agree hundred pe

I totally agree hundred percent on how advantageous it is to have a script whether for a 30 seconder commercial, a short film or a feature film project. Focusing on the strength of a script in the work area speaks of professionalism and therefore the artistic view of a director's creativity is administered to a near perfection if not one hundred percent perfect. I already have directed and produced TV commercials and directed my first featured film in Australia and the Philippines and loving it but one thing I do know... The art of make believe is a vocation that you have to be consistently on track, meaning you never stop from studying and learning every opportunity that comes along. Learning new ideas is beneficial specially for those that are serious in treating it as a career. I am working on a new project that I am hoping and anticipating for funds for me to get started so what I'm saying is I'm one those new film makers that is treating this as my ultimate vocation for life. For the organizers of this course I thank you very much and God bless you. dale adriatico

Very good article. I produ

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Very good article. I produce many TV s[pots and corporate videos (sales, instructional, motivational, etc.) and my first step is ALWAYS

to get the script approved

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to get the script approved first - usually without video instructions. In my opionion, a finished video project should be effective even if it's only heard and not seen. Of course, it would be remarkably more effective to fill both senses rather than just one. This saves countless revisions, re-writes and lowers the potential for mistakes and misunderstandings. Will share with clients & friends. - jk

Script Software

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This is all well and good and I use a script on everything.  The problem for me is that I have done extensive research on the web looking for A/V script formatting software for commericials.  I used to use A/V on Final Draft 7 and it worked great.  Since the release of Lion Final Draft 8 terminated A/V.  I raised h*ll with FD and they said they were no longer supporting it.  Now I can't find it.  I've tried Celtic and don't care for it.  Does anyone know of any software, for Mac, that acts like the old FD A/V 7?  I will pay for it.  Thank you.