Videomaker Weekly Challenge: Week 4



Time is money...

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I love that you have created an impetus for all of us to work towards.  That said, most of us can't spend too much time on a project - especially with tight deadlines.  That's why I really appreciated week 4s challenge, to create or modify an existing product.


Keep up the great work!  I'll forward any ideas that I may have for future contests and hope everyone else will do the same.


i like the challenges where you would have to create a 20 to 30 second video with aome set criteria.  one that i have entered before is to create a video using cloning and a plunger.  another was to use forced perspective.  basically to incorporate some sort of technical aspect to a video. i think you had it right the first two weeks.  week 3 was too basic and this week was as well.  i like being forced to create something new as opposed to recycling old footage.  that's my two cents.  you guys are doing a good thing here in any event.  peace.

Continue with challenging fundamental skills...

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Perhaps we can have the best of both worlds.  Because you have the entire spectrum of experience levels to challenge, you can't simply ignore newcomers to videography.  You can, however, give all of us something to work towards.  D0n gave us a great example a little while ago.  Maybe you can offer us something to do with lighting?

video submission

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where do I submit the video?

i pasted the link but it tells me to visit this page later because of some erros...


Thanks for the feedback everyone!


@designcbts That's exactly what we're finding. If readers can modify something they already have, they're more likely to participate.


@natebaileymedia We want to get there. The more people that participate, the more challenging we can make them.


@Yadis Here's the link:

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