In Need of a cheap audio and video mixer

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<p> I really want to start a live streaming show. I really want to know where I can get cheap equipment without sacrificing the quality of the video and audio. If you guys can please let me know I will really appreciate it. Thank you for stopping by and reading this.</p>

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I am looking for a 12 channel audio mixer. And the video mixer Im looking for something like 4 channels.

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The cheap video switchbox things are NOT a good choice for the task at hand - they simply change the connection from one set of inputs to another, breaking the signal momentarily (think of physically moving the cables yourself super fast!). The two or more inputs are not synced and there is a glitch or signal break when switching that would most likely cause the encoder to stop dead in its tracks. Those boxes are meant to switch between the game console, VCR, and DVD player, that's it.


Real video switchers use some internal method of syncing up the two or more video input signals so that switches are seamless and do not interrupt the video output signal at all.


Some streaming software apps will allow switching in the software itself, but this assumes Firewire or USB cameras usually (digital). If using cameras with analog or HDMI outputs for instance, you would first need a capture card to get that signal into the computer (and would need to be compatible with streaming software), and then if you wanted multiple cameras, the pro switcher would need to be in line before the capture device. 


Jeff Pulera

Safe Harbor Computers

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What you may need to broadcast video, your going to need a Tricaster.  These are what small production companies use.  4 cameras, swithcing and adding thing at the tricaster, then out to TV, web or storage.


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HEY, I got some good info on this, for a life stream you could instead of buying a fixed set of mixers, use PC mixing software, like Pro Presenter, or i think adobe has live stream program, theres probably more out there, but what you would need is simply a large adapter with mutliple inputs to the PC




you could call around all the churches and community colleges and see if they have any old mixers they would be willing to sell

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We use a Blackmagic Television Studio mixer-switcher-H.264 live encoder for HD and SD IMAG and archiving.  It is available from B&H for around $965.00.  Recently, Blackmagic (a super good technology company!) added free-of-charge firmware upgrade that enabled full audio input and mixing from all input sources.  You simply can't do better at anywhere near this low cost point.

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I have researched this for some time now and for anyone to suggest anything over 3 grand is obviously not cheap...which is what you are looking for! While one of the posts suggest the BMD Televison Studio, the ATEM 1/ME at 2,495 is more versitile and you will wish you found the extra 1500 for it over the TV Studio once you realize its limitaitons. I can't believe anyone would suggest the Tri-Caster, which is a super piece of equipment, but even with Educational Pricing will cost no less than 7 Grand or more.(And to note: The Cheaper Tri-Caster is limited in its inputs. Do your research) What is great about the BlackMagic Design Switchers is that no physical switcher is needed. Software is provided to do all switching along with capture software as well. Now if you are still in the Standard Def world, you can find very capable switchers for as little as $1500. But the same thing, updated to HD is often 5 times the price...go figure!! I am sure that in the next few years prices will drop on all-in-one Physical Switchers, but right now nothing comes close to the BlackMagic Design switchers.


I have no affiliation whatsoever with BlackMagic Design and are hoping to purchase our ATEM 1/ME very soon!! Good Luck Bro!

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Looks like a wide spread of options and costs. DannyM, what is your budget for this project? As always, there is a conflict between quality & price, so the real question is what level of quality is good enough. Generally speaking is it pretty easy to get good quality sound cheap. I would like to hear more about your project plan and budget which should draw a more focused response from the forum.