Microphone Buyer's Guide




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A clip resistant mic is one thing, one that doesn't clip? Shure WH20 Dynamic headset doesn't seem to fit that claim. Any mic subject to a high enough SPL is going to overload but whether it clips will be more a function of the device it's plugged into.


What's missing?


 Sennheiser G3 wireless is a seriously good value in the same range as the AT one noted   for $/quality and is pretty hard to beat till you get into the lectrosonics and zaxcom of the world. Everything cheaper sounds like it and while the mics that come with the g3 are not great  the same unit can be paired with the rode lav for something that sounds great.  



Tethering most of the high end choices directly into most camera's audio sections is a bit of a waste, like sticking premium gas in a lawnmower:,  e.g, The 8060 and 50 are really great mics, I didn't know how great until I paired it with a sound devices mixer . You can get really close for a lot less money with the Rode ntg2 and arguably the same quality from their ntg3.