Smartphone Teleprompters

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I wonder how practical those things are compared to a regular, full-screened teleprompter.


I'd imagine most people would have trouble seeing those letters, no matter how big they are on the phone screen. Then again, I could be wrong.


Has anyone used those before? If so, what was your experience with it?

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Not ideal, for the reason you described. If you're going to do this often, pony up for the largest size screen you can afford.

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I can tell you that a Barnes and Noble Nook Color or Tablet would probably still be too small.  An iPad might do the trick, however.  You'd have to set up your shot where the iPad would be invisible, maybe hidden by a prop piece of furniture...

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that allows you to prop up your smartphone or tablet onto the teleprompter and  voila! You have a practical script running from your device.


That's where it dawned on me whether these products are even necessary, though they do look pretty cool.


I still think font and size is an issue, but it's neat to see that such phone adaptors/ teleprompters are made. Good effort, I guess.


If y'all are wondering where I found the smartphone teleprompter, go to


I left them a few comments and questions about myself.


-Ben Ivy

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In the last two years I haven't shot anyone capable of reading a sizable teleprompter off the bat let alone using a smart phone in its place. Usually if I have to use one I start with the talent using it and turn the camera on in an hour or two after they have memorized the lines. It takes a lot of practice to look natural reading one of those things and some can't do it.