Warbird Epic - Your thoughts?

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Greetings!  I made a post on here a few weeks ago, before all the forum changes, and got some really great advice.  Thanks to those of you who helped!  I have been putting that advice to good use ever since then!  But now I'm on to something else.


To keep my fans and subscribers happy, I don't utilize a lot of editing in my videos, since most other videos of the genre are overdone and a lot of folks like the sense of "being there" I try to provide.  But that being said, there are times I just HAVE to flex my editing muscles and see just what I can do with a couple hours of time and a flash of inspiration.


Without further delay, here is my latest edited piece that I am most proud of, "Warbird Epic" (Ok, so my inspiration stops at the keyboard)




So, what are your thoughts? 


What did I do well? What needs work?  What other suggestions do you have?


All shot with a Canon VIXIA HG20 and edited with Corel VideoStudip Pro X4 plus some New Blue FX plugins.


Thank you for your time!



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Enjoyable and engaging for those that love to watch aircraft. Some of the camera work is fantastic.


It would've been nice to have a map (maybe even a map at partial opacity) or few wide shots to give some kind of landmarks. The shots can get a little repetitive, so maybe start the first ones (before the fade to black) in slow motion, as long as it fits the music to your taste. Which is great, and to spice it up even more, consider some radio chatter. If you've got military chatter from the time period, you're golden, but even some mid 40s radio could fill out the atmosphere.


Thank you very much for sharing and keep up the good work!





P.S. for some reason the embedded video cuts off the side of the video, I copied the video URL and pasted in another tab to watch via YouTube.

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The map idea is great!  Also, it wasn't until just this last weekend that I got some decent shots, and even a time-lapse segment, of the main hangar where most of these birds are heald. 


I intentionally kept the clips close up because Paine Field is absolutely COVERED with unfinished Boeing 787 Dreamliners and 747-8... even the third runway is lined with about eight of the blasted planes!  Seeing all the tails, and airline markings clearly takes away from the clips I had... at least with the BW portion. 


I also like your idea of radio chatter.


Any ideas on how to keep the shots from being reptetitive?  Is it that the passes themselves are repetitive, or would it have been better with more of a variety of aircraft?  Right now I'm stuck on the ground, so my options are pretty limited.  I would have included more of the tanks and cannons firing (they have two German 88mm flak cannons, a German Hetzer tank destroyer and a Soviet T-34 that they operate and fire) but it had a lot of people in the background and every time the cannons fired I jirked. 


Thank you again for your input!  I'm hoping to put the advice I receive from you folks to good use so I can make my own promotional video to (hopefully) get some business from these organizations next summer.

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I second that.


Nice work. I liked the camera work and editing but around the middle you lost me because it didn't really go anywhere. For aircraft enthusiasts that would be a different story but for the rest of us, somekind of storyline would keep interest. As Mr. Wong suggested, some other elements could have helped in that regard. It doesn't have to be a real story, just some visual leading in that direction.

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Thank you for your input, WSanford! 


I feel I started real strong with a storyline, but by the end it was lost.  If any, where did the story end and the, "lets just add cool clips of planes flying by!" begin?  In hindsight, I feel the color portion ended up being just that.  I started nice and slow, with engines starting, planes taxiing, photographs of them parked, etc. then moved on to focusing on the axis aircraft.  After the fade to black and the change of music my idea was to add a sense of drama and action by showing Axis and Allied aircraft, in particular the tail-chase scenes to look like a mock dogfight.  The BW portion was to show how the planes looked in their time, and then the color section was to simply show how spectacular they look now. 


Obviously I want to thrill my target audience, but I also want to entertain and and invite others who may not be as interested in these aircraft as I am to come check these museums out.


I'm actually already working on a second video, and will encorporate the suggestions you've mentioned.  I want to make a really great video that I can show to other museums and shoot promotional videos for them next summer.


Thank you again! 

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