Sony NEX-VG900 Professional Camcorder Review



Nex-vg900 vs 5d Mark III

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I'm a independent film maker, and i want to buy a new camera for my movies.


For long i've been planning to buy a 5d mark II, and now, the new mark III.


But when i started to think about buying it, i was informed about the release of this nex-vg900, wich is full-frame and compatible with other brand of lenses trought the use of adaptors.


My question: for filmmaking, do a sony nex-vg900 have the same propertys and features for shooting movies like a canon 5d?

Dslrs like that have a shooting time of 12 minutes and than it stops, don't have hand controls (neither buttons nor touchscreen) for focus, zoom, etc. I want a camera to shoot film-like shots!!!!


Wich should i buy, and why?

Sony VG900 full frame camcorder

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Technically a very good specification. Stunning results can be achieved with a full frame sensor which the Sony VG900 has. BUT, But experience was this body does not take advantage of the great Sony lenses. The full-frame FE lenses I had did not utilise the full frame sensor. I purchased a Sony Vario-Tessar T* FE 24-70mm f/4 and the brighter Sony FE 35mm f2.8. They produced vignetting. It a bit like a manufacturer giving you medium format but saying you will only get 35mm!

The zoom rocker only seems to work with power-zoom lenses, but the ones I tested also produced vignetting !
Not to be defeated I using the manual zoom on the Sony 24-70 FE F4 but was disappointed with the results as I picked up barrel noise whilst manual rotation. The whole concept of the rocker switch is to utilise the smooth zoom function and its a shame it was made redundant with Sony's own FE range I tested.

The camcorder was an absolute delight out of the box, better than the Sony 7 or the Sony A7R to hold as a video camera - theses still type cameras need so many add on to make them easy to carry and were not very user friendly in terms of quick out of the bag and enjoy style of video shooting I enjoy. The ergonomics of a camcorder are different to a camera so why are manufacturers trying and make one do the job of another - anyway this seems good for the industry as there are lots of add on you can purchase to make a customised fit. This was a bit of a let down for me as I love the ergonomics of this as a camcorder. It did not work for me in terms of the mount and the range of lenses I tried.

Nex-vg900 vs 5d Mark III

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I have been recently testing the Canon 5D Mark III for two weeks during a trip on a island and I must say that I don't know if I would recommend it closed eyes for video making.


The problem with the 5d is that, yes, it makes incredible images it but doesn't have the flexibillity of a video camera. The 5D is first a photo camera. If you have to move the camera to follow action movements, you won't be very happy. Also, focus is manual.  It really depends of your needs. With the 5D, one has to think 'film'. Every shooting will take time. You really have to think your images before shooting.


My hope is that soon a video camera will come with an attractive price that will match the 5D. Maybe the Nex-vg900 is the beginning of the answer. Let's see.

Ok, so what i understood from

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Ok, so what i understood from what you sad is that:

5d has more rolling shutter than nex-vg.


but you said about the incridible images that this camera makes, but tell me more about what exactly is this incridible. the dynamic range is higher? the performance under low light or super exposed light is better? is there less grain artifcts over the image?


how exactly is the image of this dslr better than nex-vg?


what i want most is that my films looks like films, even if i have to think every shoot carefully.

ogat - a camcorder like the

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ogat - a camcorder like the NEX-VG900 has unlimited video clip length - the 5D Mark II has a 12 minute limit, while the 5D Mark III has a 30 minute limit.  There are also a professional XLR microphone adapter and a power zoom lens for the NEX-VG900, which the 5D Mark III lacks.


If you want a full frame camera for video that works like a video camera instead of a still camera, you should get the VG900.


Here is an amazing sample video, shot by the folks here at Videomaker:


Hope this is helpful,



Hybrid Camera Revolution

Blackmagic cinema camera

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If the film like is what you want the most, go get a BCC ;)

if you want variety of adapters, wait for the MFT version





I'm noticing something about all NEX cameras

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I'm very interested in this camcorder, I currently use the Canon VIXA HF G10 and Canon 5D Mark II, but I'm noticing something from all NEX and the VG900 that there seems to be no IS. I can understand this feature lacking on a product like the NEX-7 but why would the VG900 appear to have the same shortcomings? Is image stabilization not inherent in the NEX line even with the VG900? IS is very important when shooting handheld. Not everyone will want to carry around a tripod with a fluid videohead to have a semi stable shot. 


HDMI output 4:2:2 for sure ??

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Hi, i'm alos interested in this one, but are curious about from were you guys have the confirmed information about the quality of the HDMI out.? I am aware that Sony calls it Umcompressed HDMI out" and that sould be at least 10bit 4:2:2.....but you never now....

for my as an professional this means a lot.