Serif MoviePlus X6 Introductory Editing Software Review

Serif MoviePlus X6 Introductory Editing Software  Review


This software is definatel

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This software is definately not just for beginners. Having been a video producer for more than 30 years, I started out with reel to reel, editing with a razor blade. I currently have Avid and Adobe Premiere, but never touch them because I much prefer Serif Movie Plus. True, it does not have some tools I would like to have, but the power of this solution is enough to do almost anything and do it quite well. It is fast and easy, so I spend less time on each project than I would doing the same thing on Avid or Premiere. Movie Plus does have a problem with audio sync drift, but if you have a long program, splitting it into 5 minute chunks before you print it out will take care of it.

I have tried most of the v

I have tried most of the video editing programs out there and have always reverted back to Serif MoviePlus. The timeline ease of use is unrivalled. It renders 1080 50p AVCHD video without any problems. The one major critism I have is that there is no third-party plug-in support. It would an awesome program if it supported Magic Bullet Looks and/or NewBlueFX plug-ins.

good but old

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movie x5 is great & works good on windiws 64, but it's only 32 bit. what can't understand is why they would came out with x6 & kept it at the slow moving 32 bit. for about $10 or $15 more you can get cyberlink  powerdirector 11 ultimate which is a real 64 bit. do they know that 64 bit is the nom now days & that 32 bit is old school.

but let me said that i really like x5 & i was going to upgrade to x6 until i saw that it was still 32 bit, i don't have money & time to waste. so i'm going to have to go with cyberlink only because it is 64 bit & about the same price, i just wish x6 was 64 bit.