Movie Mistakes: Stuff Happens

Movie Mistakes: Stuff Happens


In "Australia". A climacti

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In "Australia". A climactic scene between Hugh Jackman and Nicole Kidman in the rain. Hugh's white shirt has a brown tinge to it(probably due to make-up running off his face) but moments later his shirt is starch white again. I thought it really stood out, but by the time this scene came around anyway, they had lost me on some of the poor cinematography as well as at least one of the 'cardboard cut-out villain' characters expressions. I had such high hopes too.

A couple more continuity errors

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In "Turner and Hooch" there is a scene where the dog is jumping around and there's a bench in the background with some clothes on it. During the jumping sequence the clothes mysteriously rearrange themselves on the bench.


In "King Solomon's Mines" there is a night-time scene with stars shining bright and you can see the Big Dipper. However in sub-Saharan Africa the Big Dipper is either very very low in the sky or not visible at all. The further south you are, more and more of the stars are different than what is visible in the north.