Active vs Inactive Forum Members

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There are a LOT of forum members. Some VERY active, others not so, and many, many more simply lurk, read, catch and release. Not to find fault with ANY type of forum member, from casual user to dedicated poster/responder, but I sure wish a HUGE number of us would respond to this post/poll and give us all a better idea of how the forums work for you. Thanks.

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For me Videomaker forums is the place to network with other professionals and learn how others are doing in this HARD industry. I like to respond topost whenever I know about the topic and hoping that my answer's can help others. I'm been a Videomaker forum member for about three years and there are the regular poster (which have been here for years) and those who ask and never show up again. Sometimes the forum goes really quiet and boring, sometimes it has great discussions, but it's always helpful.

I invite inactive members to participate more. You can learn a lot more helping others or simply extending discussions with related questions.

PS: Earl your Photo Montage Book is simply amazing! (and I only read three chapters). Chapter 2 (A Story: "Do It Yourselfers" & Your Commercial Clients) is so true. I can confirm that "Do It Yourselfers" will call when they have issues.


"The meaning of a movie are the characters, the life of the movie is the music, but the magic is in the editing" –

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 Great forum to visit and to share. As Luis said as you share you help yourself. I also agree about Earl's book, great read and lots of good information.

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The forums have helped me choose equipment, software, and methods of setting up, filming, and editing. I learn a lot by looking on here and reading daily. This is like my second home. Thanks to all that share the wisdom!

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I started coming here as a serious hobbyist and now do video pretty much full time. I check these forums at least three times a day now and have them bookmarked on my smartphone.

While among other things I teach video production (on cruise ships and to Boy Scouts as a Cinematography Merit Badge counselor plus the occasional paying student) I find that I learn something new almost daily, much of it from the dedicated professionals here as well as from those who are just starting out and ask "why" when an answer is given, challenging me to think of the reasons rather than just "we've always done it that way".

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This is the best forum for videographers if you want to learn about something new or even to have a video critiqued by others in the field. I have been an active member going on 2 years and I do pipe in when I know about an issue. If I do not I usually keep quiet. I check this site out at least 2 times a day.

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Most other forums I check out are all geeked out and full of people that rather chase technology than actually produce video. Don't get me wrong, that stuff is important and helpful when you need it but this forum excel's when it comes to the little things. You know the ones that link everything together and make things happen.

There is just such a range of experience here and it lends itself to being far more beneficial than endless pages of "This tech is better than that tech". If you need tech advice you can find that here. Need marketing tips, its here to and everything in between. Some cool surprises as well. You'd never think killer heavy metal music video from the mild mannered avatar of Charles Schultz. :-)

I would have to say this site covers the broadness of videography better than I've found anywhere else. Its a resource that keeps me moving forward. Thanks to all for sharing.

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I love this site.. and cool to see some familiar faces... er profile pics responding. I have a full time job, and they needed some audio work done.. so over the years I taught myself audio and build my studio: then they wanted to get into more video.. and I expanded my skills into video.

I could NOT have done that last step without this forum, I subscribe to the magazine too. I'm very grateful and at moments like right now, when I'm losing my mind on a new video project.. it's really good to know this list is here to educationally distract me from the stress.. and give me some solid pointers on how to move forward.. and what gear TO and NOT TO get. love it.

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This is a great forum, designed for Videographers and like
people. No need to change it. I visit a couple times a week, whether
or not I sign is dependant on whether there is anything I feel a need to
comment on or recommend. I am on Yahoo
Answers quite a bit, and I often send people here to look at posts for answers,
especially if they asking about syncing audio and video in the Consumer
Electronics section there.


Ontario Canada

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WSanford, I was looking for the astute look. Been an head banger since heads started banging.

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I began"lurking" on this forum several years ago. I finally signed on when I decided to commit to better equipment & software. There is ahuge amountof information here and very patient professionals / serious amateurswho donate their time and overtax their synapses for free. I really appreciate the archived information, but I have difficulty making it work for me. So, I've resorted to "copy & paste" immediately upon reading & finding great information.

Thanks guys / gals for your help!

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Great poll, and good info to know. ;)

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For myself, the forums provide a great wealth of knowledge on all of the aspects of video/film. I started "lurking" to learn more and more. I come by at least twice a day. It got to the point where I've purchased a subscription to the magazine (another great tool). When I started buying professional gear, I was lost. Videomaker helped my confusion. Keep up the good work!

Those that say, "Hard work is it's own reward." , NEVER work a hard day in their life!!

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Well I do read a lot everyday but I don't always post just the way i am I guess

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i stalk the for tutorials.... the site has bin helpful

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My employer sent me to a Videomaker 3-day editing workshop a few years ago, and I've been a huge fan of everything Videomaker ever since! Everything, from the equipment I buy and use, and how to shoot and edit, continues to be influenced by you on the forums.

Now that I've been out shooting and editing lots of video, and making lots and lots of mistakes in the journey. I'm getting to the point now where the forums are becoming more valuable than ever.

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I'm a sponge who sits back and absorbs. Occasionally commenting if I have something I can contribute.

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I've been a reader of VMM since '99 when I started doing research for my biz. Started reading the forums in '08 and participating since '09. Once I became a Moderator and writing articles I guess I'd been 'assimilated'. My activity level comes in waves though I check on the forums daily. Most times when it seems like I'm inactive, I'm flushing spam or acting as an 'antibody' by nailing down charlatans and fraudsters that frequent the site. When questions popup and I can be of assistance or I run into useful if not entertaining info I'll post. Besides, it's nice to allow others to handle questions I've answered a thousand times because their enthusiasm reignites mine....

H.Wolfgang Porter, Composite Media Producer Dreaded Enterprises Unlimited, Inc.

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 Longtime reader (and appreciator) of the content here, occasional poster.

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I have been a member of Videomaker +plus since its inception, as I wrote on a query regarding subscribing to the magazine "paper is sooo 20th century" I have found this site to be extremely helpful when I was just starting to move from still photography to videography. I still find a lot of the information I need here as a I build a video business. I have been noticing a lot of discussion regarding the changes going on in the video business, the move away from traditional media resources to he growth in internet media. In fact it was an article by Earl that set me of on a search for web based business and how to promote the use of the web, and web video to grow business. In fact I am having some deep discussions with a website/software developer who I have been working with about building a package of website, video, photos, and business cards for a reasonable package price. form our research we have discovered that very few smaller companies have a strong web presence to help expose their products or services to the buying public.

As this project develops I may well start a new thread documenting our progress

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Hey Larry, tried to contact you using your website "contact us" form but your website design is broken, and the navigation bar is IN FRONT of the area where the request for a valid e-mail address is located, and the reply will not SEND unless I can enter a valid e-mail address. So, e-mail me at so I can share some stuff with you regarding your business plan and approach. Thanks for the positive nod in your post.

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 Earl, good job at surveying the forum readers. Looks like 65% of the responders are considering video making as part of their career. I hope to expand on your survey through my "Video Business" posts. Also kudos to all who posted especially those that had not before.

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I recently joined videomaker, and am an aspiring, passionate, serious pursuer of videography as a full-time career. I am never hesitant to ask questions, especially because people here have so much more experience and just as much passion as I do. I will continue asking questions as soon as I run into any sort of problems, and the answers are always encouraging and helpful! I love Videomaker!!