Need help building a an awesome editing/podcasting/voiceover suite

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I want to put together a sweet little editing/voiceover/podcasting suite in my home. I won't say money is no object, but I'm not a pauper either.

I'm going FCP on the Mac, so that is out of the way. I am also going a tapeless Panasonic workflow. My main target is documentary/corporate and high end web promos.

What I really want to hear more about is opinions on studio audio & video monitors,input/output boards, and mixers for the Mac.

I plan on doing some podcast work, and want to record straight into my Mac. Do you guys use USB/Firewire mic interfaces? A digital mixer? And what kind of mics? I'm looking at either an EV RE20 or Shure SM7.

And any furniture suggestions would help too.

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Can't recommend any specifics about mics (I have a huge budget issue and have an MXL which I do like but it's not a Neumann).

I can suggest that you look at as their prices are really great and I have purchased from them for years.

Bruce Paul 7Squared Productions

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if you have a video projector, but no snoots, spot lights...(and photoshop_) may find it useful to create and project patterns onto your background (both moving and still images.....try projecting an old b+w movie completely out of focus for example, onto you background (sheet, cutrtians, or set) for intersing lighting/shadow effcts).

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For a mixer/DAW/audio software,I use Audacity which is free. It's popular since it can edit one track, multiple tracks and even record. Totally free and you can use it for professional jobs. It's also multi-platform, so it will work on your Mac as well as it does on my PC.

More info on Audacity including links to the download are on my blog: free, Audacity does have some quirks, such as not being able to import WAVs or export MP3s, but i show ways to get around that in the blog.

If money is no object and you'd like something better, I suggest Adobe Audition or Final Cut's audio software Soundtrack Pro.

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Great ideas guys- thanks.