Final Cut Pro X 10.2 Editing Software
When Final Cut Pro X came out in June 2011, many folks saw that Apple was going to need to update the software to add features that were initially missing to make editing a complete experience. This author certainly turned his nose up to it from the get-go as...
Sony FS7
Since the beginning of the DSLR craze and the rapid camera evolutions that ensued, we have become accustomed to making a lot of compromises for a nice sensor. In the case of DSLRs, we are compromising on all but the quality of the image. Audio is a nightmare and...
Dell UltraSharp 34 Curved Monitor
Imagine taking that two monitor setup you have been using most of your creative life, gluing the two displays together and removing the border separating them. Then, curve that whole set up to create one curved, ultra-wide screen. This is what Dell has done with its UltraSharp U3415W display. Curved...
We go in depth with the Sony FS7. Shooting 4k, Sony S-log, 180fps and much more. Music Licensed from PremiumBeat:‘It Matters’ by Allegory Music
Once you choose the lens or lenses you need, the next step is to keep them clean, keep them functioning with proper lens maintenance and storage.
Choosing a lens can be a daunting task. There are hundreds of choices, a huge span of cost and a plethora of focal lengths.  
What do you do when you don't have the right lens for the job? Or maybe the budget just isn't there to buy a specialty lens. Extensions, extenders and adapters might be the answer.
Every once in a while, you will find that a wide, normal or telephoto lens just won't do the job. That is when specialty lenses come into play. They are lenses that have a specific use and tend not to be used for anything other than their specific niche.
A Videographer's Guide to Lenses - Cinema or Still
Aperture is the opening that lets light pass through your lens to your sensor.  The iris is the series of blades that open and close to make your aperture larger or smaller. Understanding the relationship between the aperture and the depth of field is key to achieving the artistic...




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