Hearing the news that Star Trek had a $76.5 million box office in its opening weekend, I thought that I had to chime in for a moment just to get a few things off my chest. Now listen up movie goers: Hollywood stinks! The current trend of rehashing...
Editors who'd like to use music by Moby for non-profit, non-commercial use are being given the special treatment-- no music licensing fees. And, if you do want to use it outside those boundaries, Moby is taking your licensing fees and donating them to the Humane Society. He's such a...
In this week's "Take 20", Charlie and John give some constructive tips to a producer of travel videos after viewing "Greek Temple in Taormina."
In this week's "Take 20", John and Charlie showcase our Best Student-Produced Video called: "Chef John Folse Culinary Institute's Recruitment Video."
Viewfinder - with Matt York and Mark Montgomery Matt and Mark talk about the personal joy of making video.
Viewfinder – with Matt York and Brian Peterson Matt and Brian discuss ways to spark creativity.
Viewfinder – with Matt York and Jennifer O'Rourke Matt and Jennifer explore the topic of elitism in video production.
In our "Take 20" segment, Andrew and Charlie will take a look at a music video by producer Clint Loveness called "Always", and offer the producer good constructive critiques that will benefit everyone.
Video Profile - Jennifer/ Charlie Episode #14 TAKE 20 This is our first of the "Take20" series in which we critique reader's/viewer's videos Submission #1: "A Little Bit of Love" Producer: Mark Holder PLUG: Take 20 - VM Editor's Critique - Next Deadline: July 31st