As the tech sector advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI), the White House calls for new user protections. The Office of Science and Technology Policy introduced the AI Bill of Rights, characterized by five main points. These principles don’t carry the force of the law but aim to hold tech accountable...
To reduce e-waste and consumer spending, the EU voted overwhelmingly to make the USB-C the Union’s universal charger by 2024. Parliament has been pushing the e-waste measure for over a decade. The directive isn’t yet law. The recent vote, however, opens the floor for action and makes the Union’s standing on the...
Nikon Nikkor-O Auto 58mm f/1 lens
A Nikkor lens that was sold in a German auction just set the record for the highest price for a Nikon lens.
U.S. blacklists DJI as a Chinese military company
The U.S. has officially added DJI to its list of Chinese military companies; what does this mean for the company?
Dulens lenses
Dulens' Vintage Series APO Mini prime lens range is a new take on vintage lenses from the past but retains the classic vintage look.
Sony C-80
Sony just announced a new microphone for vlogging, webcasting and podcasting, the Sony C-80 condenser microphone.
DZOFilm’s Vespid Cyber prime lenses
DZOFIlm announced its new line of Vespid Cyber prime lenses. The range includes a 35 mm, 50 mm and 75 mm cine lens.
Logitech Litra Beam
Logitech announced two new products geared toward video content creators: the Litra Beam desk light and the Blue Sona XLR microphone.
NiSi 9mm f/2.8 Sunstar
NiSi has revealed a new super-wide-angle prime lens for APS-C cameras, the NiSi 9mm f/2.8 Sunstar, in multiple mounts.
Sony CFexpress Type A memory card 320 GB
Sony announced two new high-speed CFexpress Type A memory cards for its TOUGH line — one with a capacity of 320 GB and the other 640 GB.