There are lots of codecs out there. This article defines the term explains the most common file types.
As TV screens grow bigger and brighter, the limitations of older technologies are more apparent. HDR video addresses these issues.
As modern-day filmmakers, we deal in data. After all, we collect it, corral and manipulate it. Simply put, we are data cowboys/cowgirls. So, what do we use to move this data? In the second decade of the 21st century: cables and connectors. Perhaps in the future we may beam...
It’s Spring and that means it’s time for the new. Not flowers and leaves, but the new gear and upgrades on display at NAB 2019. Every year the industry gathers and fills the massive Las Vegas Convention Center with every imaginable piece of broadcast gear. You can check out...
If you’re new to shooting video, you may notice that fellow camera geeks like to talk a lot about “glass”. While there are a lot of things made of glass in the video world, there’s only one thing called “glass”: Your camera lens. Here's how it works to produce a useable, in-focus image.
Buying the best workstation for your needs means understanding how the CPU, GPU, RAM and storage options work together to enhance overall performance.
As cameras have increased their video resolution and framerate capabilities over the years, the SD specifications have evolved to include more space and faster write times.
SD stands for “Secure Digital” — it’s a technical specification published in the waning years of the 20th century, created by three digital giants: Panasonic, SanDisk and Toshiba. The cards have evolved and will continue to evolve in a few ways — the biggest two are storage capacity and speed....
If video editors want to show their audience the world, they can’t paint a much better picture than what they’ll get with HDR.
HDR is one of the latest advances in video technology. Like the dawn of 4K, it means new standards and processes for video creators, and with it, video editors definitely need to learn what it means to their workflow. HDR, as a term, is thrown around a lot these days...
Random Access Memory, or RAM, is the primary memory used by your computer and is responsible for loading the operating system and running programs.
Let's dive in to better understand the importance of RAM and why having more is not necessarily an immediate need for most. RAM vs VRAM Random Access Memory, or RAM, is the primary memory used by your computer and is responsible for loading the operating system and running programs. This means...
Digital ISO standard is measured by how sensitive your camera sensor is to light combined with how good your camera’s firmware is at interpreting the signal from the sensor
Put simply, ISO is how sensitive to light film stock is. The higher the ISO, the more sensitive your film and the less time it takes to expose it. See? Easy! Now we can move o- oh, wait. Nobody shoots on film anymore. Well, in that case, things just...


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