Selling Your Green Screen Shots to Your Audience
It certainly isn't as easy as "just shoot against a green sheet and then drop a chromakey effect on the shot in Final Cut." There are several things in Pre-Production, Production, and Post-Production to keep in mind that will go a long way to selling your green screen shots....
In this green screen video tutorial, we show you how to set-up a green screen for chromakey and how to best sell the green screen effect to your viewers.
Learn how to get the perfect greenscreen key in Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro and Sony Vegas.
Learn how to apply greenscreen effects to a window, windshield or door. Examine how we planned out our video shoot to utilize a greenscreen to create an outdoor environment consistent with our storyboard.
Many editing software programs now have easy-to-execute chromakey effects, but, to get your scene looking good, you need to plan first and light it right. You have the greenscreen, you have the right editing software, you have a great idea... but how do you make your subject look real?...
How to enhance your video with greenscreen effects you can use in your studio.
How to avoid common chomakey mistakes when using a green screen.
Jennifer shows you how to create a magic wand effect using special effects and video green screen background software.
From start to completion, Charlie walks through the basics of achieving a Green Screen effect.
In our Tips & Tricks segment, Andrew and Mark focus on lighting for Chroma Keying.