Editing Effects Software to Make Your Video Sing
In our October 2011 issue, we covered the wide array of editing software options available on the market and how they can rev up your video projects. Now, let's assume you took the lead from our buyer's guide and now have the best type of editing software for your...
Timelapse image of a woman.
The wind grows cold. The days grow short, and all the leaves that brought such peace and life throughout the summer now wither, change, and fall. We've celebrated the last great harvest of the year, pulled the shutters tight and prepare for the long, cold sleep that will soon...
Ghostly Effect for your Halloween Videos
The Pepper's Ghost effect is one of the most popular illusions ever. Variations of it have made it into theme park haunted houses, theatrical plays, even promotional presentations given by the CEO of the second most popular computing platform (Hi Mr. J.). I won't go into details of how to...
Today John demonstrates an easy way of creating an out-of-body special effect.
This week Brandon demonstrates how to perform a few special effects that can improve the visual dynamics of your videos.
How to create live action to video capture animation special effects.


Panasonic Lumix GH5 II Mirrorless Camera with 12-60mm Lens

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