Clean and Simple FX-L Video Ed/it Sima 6153 Mulford Street Niles, IL 60714 ($474.95) Sima, known for simple and easy to use products, continues its tradition with the FX-L Video Ed/it video editing system. This is a stand alone, straight cuts (with effects) video editor. Which means that while the unit makes straight cuts (backing up one...
Controlling your audio is a breeze when you've got just one signal to work with. One mike input, one mike cable, one mike. No problem. But what happens when you need to combine multiple signals? What if your latest masterpiece requires you to mix audio from a mike, CD player,...
King of the Hill Sony's latest camcorder, the Hi8 CCD-TR700, reigns as new king of the Handycam line. And rightly so: this little unit boasts numerous niceties, including a 10x multispeed zoom lens, color viewfinder, optical image stabilization, a full complement of manual controls and rewriteable consumer (RC) time code...
Many video viewers wouldn't recognize jump cut or bad edit if it bit them on the bottom. Everybody, however, notices bad audio. They might not know that it is, but they know that something is definitely wrong. For this reason, videomakers should always edit with their ears before editing with...


Canon EOS R6 Mirrorless Camera

Awarded to one lucky winner

Competition is open worldwide


with a 24-105 mm f/4L lens

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