Sound Design: How Sound Helps Tell Your Visual Stories
Every scene in a film has carefully crafted sound design to represent what is going on. They represent the scene's location and the actions of characters.
Star Wars' cantina scene used as an example for diegetic sound
Die-what? [di-a-JE-tic]. Video editors are often mired in the details of their audio production and many of them aren't familiar with the term diegetic.
We have a few tips to help you fix messy audio
Even the most visually appealing video can instantly become amateurish when it's paired with sub-par audio. Here's how you can fix messy audio.
Recording clean audio is just as important to your narrative production as capturing well-composed video. In this article, we'll cover how to record professional-sounding dialogue for your narrative production.
The best wind noise reduction is achieved at the time of recording by using every tool in your arsenal; everything afterward will always be a fix, at best. This doesn't mean that you can't come up with creative solutions, because at the end of the day, nature does what...
Good audio quality is just as important as good image quality — maybe even more so. If viewers can’t hear your video properly, they’ll won’t get the full impact of the message you’re trying to convey. In this video we’ll go over how sound works, the basics of audio equipment...
Understanding and applying signal flow is one of your best tools to increase productivity and avoid stumbling blocks.
The physical aspects of signal flow determine the flow of sound and its connections all the way from its source, capture, processing and output. In a recording situation, this would be the sound source — for example spoken voice into a microphone. The sound is converted into an electrical...
Audio mixer board
The worst mistake a videographer can make is forgetting about audio. Bad audio and sound design can leave any great shot useless. Here's how to avoid that.
Following these steps and listening carefully at every stage will give you a believable soundtrack that supports your visuals and your story.
Having a wide set of skills is a must in today’s production environment. One cannot simply expect to get by on a single main skill, no matter their proficiency. Augmenting your range of abilities with fundamentals like audio editing is key to securing and delivering projects. Audio breaks down into...
The simple lesson is to always plan your project in advance and adhere to a concept or theme.
Coming to terms with the reality that your audio is either subpar or unusable is never a good experience, but also a necessary one. Facing failure and learning from it is an important step in your journey, and there will be a point where you either directly contribute to...

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