When you start any business, you should know the legalities of the business. It is difficult enough to set up a business with suitable equipment, personnel, infrastructure, marketing, and customers or clients without having to worry about legal liabilities. The same is true in the video production field. This...
Sometimes, people want to know how they can videotape in a public place, or adapt a story or a song or a commercial film to make a new movie. Sometimes, they are looking for an agent or contacts to help them distribute their production. This is where an entertainment attorney steps in.
Just as you wouldn’t drive a car without insurance, you should also never shoot without it either.
Image of the SAG-AFTRA building
Your decision to work with SAG-AFTRA or other unions will directly impact your talent pool, budget, daily schedule, overall timeline and many other factors.
Taking Stock of Your Stock Footage
Much like crowdfunding websites like Kickstarter or Indiegogo have created a platform for individuals to fund projects or receive crowdsourced investments, stock footage websites like Shutterstock or iStockPhoto enable videographers to upload and profit from their footage or obtain previously recorded video for their projects in order to save...
When does a copyright enter the public domain? We get this question all the time. We'd love to say, If published after this date add XX number of years, and then its OK to use. But — heavy sigh — we're talking legal stuff and legal stuff is never...
Can you legally create and distribute fan fiction that uses existing plots and characters from your favorite books, shows and movies? And if so, to what extent and under what circumstances?
Whether you’re working on a documentary, hip hop music video, or social media ad, certain components are key. If you’re recording people, you must make sure they sign a release form.
Adding “LLC” to the end of your business name can also give your company some additional credibility.
Admittedly, determining how your business will be organized is not nearly as exciting as picking your company name, creating a logo or building a sleek website. Yet, a proper business structure will help you maximize profits, minimize risk and get all the boring stuff — taxes, paperwork, fees —...
Video Misuse and the Law
Cyberbullying and nonconsensual pornography (otherwise known as “revenge porn”) are two of the most common ways in which videos are misused online to harm others. Arming yourself with knowledge of the laws, policies and legal developments surrounding these types of video misuse can empower you take action or help...

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