Starting A Production Company, One Sale at a Time: A Conversation with Eli Rotholz
Eli, Director of Business Development and Executive Producer of Content at both Hone Production, and former Co-Founder of Honor Society Films, walked over to a ceiling-high plant he had recently rehabilitated and touched one of its leaves to see how it was doing. We were sitting on the balcony...
The Inside Story of Oscar-nominated “Garden Party”
After having watched dozens of shorts at the SIGGRAPH Computer Animation Festival, some of them good, others not very good, they came to the short that was voted “best student film.” It was a French piece with no dialog called “Garden Party.” A short film that lasted just under...
How Catalin Marin Built His Career as an Award-winning Film Composer
In William Shatner’s 2014 documentary, Chaos on the Bridge, the audience is given a ringside seat to the infighting among writers and producers during the creation of the iconic TV series Star Trek: The Next Generation. Accompanying the parade of insider talking heads, unpacking the backstage intrigue is a...
How to Create Music Videos Like an Oscar-winning DP - Photos: Courtesy of Claudio Miranda ASC
Testing OriginsPrimarily shot with drones, the production of Claudio Miranda's breathtaking music video of his daughter’s Sofia's violin duet would span almost two years. Miranda jokes that he uses his children for all his camera tests, which makes for some great home videos.“I've used F55s, F65s, cranes … because...
Advice on Big Interviews - Dave Roberson on a shoot in Petra Jordan
Veteran cameraman, Dave Roberson talks about his career in network news and gives us some wisdom in how to shoot the newsmakers.
Finding Life with Real-time Adventure Filmmaker Elia Saikaly
Adventure filmmaker Elia Saikaly is inside his tent typing his blog into a Macbook Pro. Outside, violent icy winds tear at the yellow fabric of his flimsy mountainside shelter. He’s reporting from Camp 4, which sits on a plateau that looks like the surface of the moon. At 24,000...
Filmmaking and Distribution in the Information Age
Filmmaking before the InternetThe tasks that go into creating a film are still the same as they once were. Once a filmmaker has come up with an idea that he or she wants to turn into a film, they must write or otherwise acquire a script for it and...

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