How to capture Audio when shooting video. How to select the best microphone and location for the best audio and solve common problems videographers encounter when capturing audio for video.
This video shows you how to create better, more professional looking video by taking a closer look at hand held video camera shooting. Learn how to get effective shots with the marxist position, the pan, tilt and zolly.
Fixing Audio For Video In Post Production
Many times, when we discuss audio editing tips and tricks, we leave out the little details. Sometimes, this is to save space, but sometimes we just assume everyone knows how to get from here to there. We've dedicated this tutorial to the finer details of a very common audio...
Solutions to outdoor lighting for video problems encountered on a sunny day. Also the secret to shooting in the middle of the day and making it appear to be the middle of the night.
Tutorial on how to light and set up a multi-cam interview with easy to follow step-by-step instruction
You need to know the basics. Why not start here with a lesson on the basic principles of lighting theory, from a color temperature to white balance.
We show you the best way to set up for lighting a green screen and lighting the subject.
Professional tips for enhancing audio through filters and techniques.
Learn how to overcome the lighting obstacles you’re likely to face when shooting during night-time hours.
Cool, bright and low-power, fluorescents and LEDs are changing the way lighting is practiced. Learn about these exciting lighting technologies.