BoxCaster Pro Can Broadcast 1080p60 Video to Any Device While Retaining Low Bandwidth

There’s tons of live video encoders out there, but BoxCast think it has something quite revolutionary to live streaming on their hands with the BoxCaster Pro.

What does the BoxCaster Pro have to offer?

The BoxCaster Pro features 4K60 support; it can take any video resolution varying from SD to 4K60. It can stream up to 1080p60. There is also support for HEVC and 12GSDI. HEVA, according to BoxCaster “uses half the bandwidth and encode in the highest quality.” With 12G SDI support, you can connect any camera or switcher with an SDI input.

Additionally, there’s on-screen graphics and LED lights that allow you to monitor your audio, video, and network from a variety of distances. The BoxCaster also offers input balance audio feeds from XLR or ¼ cables and can output video to a monitor or recorder through SDI or HDMI.

How does it work?

The way that the first BoxCaster worked was that it first would acquire video from a numbers of different possible sources. It could receive video from sources like camera, sweaters and iOS devices. From there, the BoxCaster sends video to the cloud, letting viewers watch the stream live from any device.

If that seems simple, then its setup is going to seem super simple. The original BoxCaster is ready to broadcast after just connecting its power cable along with an internet and video cable. Once those three cables are connected, it is ready to broadcast. It seems like the Pro version has retained that simplest core design.

The original Boxcaster only needs three wires before it’s ready for broadcast


  • UHD 4K, HD, and SD up to 60 fps
  • HDMI and SDI Inputs with Loop Outputs
  • Efficient H.265 Encoding
  • Professional Mic/Line Audio Inputs
  • 4.3” Touchscreen LCD
  • Wi-Fi and Ethernet Network Connections


Pricing and Availability

The BoxCaster Pro streaming encoder is out now for 3,495. It’s important to note too that a streaming plan is required to use the BoxCaster. Plans start at 99 bucks annually.

You can learn more about the BoxCaster Pro at

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's managing editor.

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