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Welcome to privacy focused & 100% anonymous offshore hosting with outstanding customer service available 24/7. We secure web systems from shutdowns and keep yours internet project online and respect your privacy. Join us for a hassle-free webhosting experience! OFFSHORE HOSTING BENEFITS. Accepting Bitcoin payments. 100% anonymous enrollment. Managing DMCA and copyright complaints more leniently. Much more flexible content policy. Solid offshore webhost since 2010. NETWORK CAPACITY EXCEED 400GBps. Using 400+ Gbps of IP traffic and official LIR status from RIPE NCC , we rank as one of the biggest IP networks in Ukraine. Video streaming is driving demand for network use and we have it at affordable prices! ANTI-DDOS SERVICES. We promise that customer's services aren't influenced by DDoS attacks. On request you'll be changed to enterprise level in-line DDoS filters, which will carefully filter out malicious traffic and allow only legitimate traffic to your web site. 99.9% UPTIME GUARANTEE. It's a genuine warranty backed up by Service Layer Agreement. Redundant Infrastructure. Servers located in European contemporary datacenters. Several uplinks and peering. Automated route optimization program. CUSTOMER SUPPORT AVAILABLE 24/7. In-house technical assistance team working 24/7. These exact same seasoned tech experts have physical access to server hardware. 15 minutes to respond in your ticket. AGGRESSIVE PRICES. We are not reselling other hosting company! Found a better price? Let's negotiate if we could match it! We pay 50% less than others because we market both ways,"inbound" for local customers,"outbound" for traffic sent by our overseas customers.

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