RØDE Stereo VideoMic X Review

Professional shooters making up a crew of one need an on-camera microphone that is lightweight, unobtrusive and easy-to-use. The Rode Stereo VideoMic X (SVMX) hits those points and more...

Pinnacle Studio 18 Review

Pinnacle Studio 18 offers more power, precision, and creative control — as well as mobile integration with the Pinnacle Studio app.Studio extends its range through three versions, increasing the...

When Is It Better To Rent Software Than To Buy It?

Purchasing SoftwareIn the beginning, purchasing software on a floppy, disc or dongle was the only option. The software was very expensive, but you owned it. You may have either...

Event and Concert Audio

Both technical and practical knowledge is required to make high quality audio recordings, especially when confronting the unique challenge of concert and event settings.

Viewfinder: The Invisible Editor

Some others of us have an affinity for successful screenwriters who we might aspire to emulate. I suspect, however, that very few could name the editor behind a favorite...

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