Jennifer O'Rourke

Jennifer O’Rourke is an Emmy award-winning videographer & editor.

4 Easy Tips for Formatting Fonts

A lot of video editors struggle when it comes to creating top-notch titles and graphics for the video clips they produce, but formatting fonts isn’t difficult if you follow...

iPhone filmmaker Creates an Award-winning Horror Film with a $400 Budget

Award-winning Spanish director Conrad Mess has been at the forefront of iPhone filmmaking since his jaw-dropping debut The Fixer won a bunch of awards just over two years ago.Completely...

Fair Use: Is a Public Display Public Domain?

Fair Use. Copyright. Public Domain. All of these terms are related to each other, yet they all have different meaning that confuses even the most well-informed people.Any original content...

How to Make a Photo Motion Background

There are a lot of great royalty-free animated digital backgrounds available to editors. Some are simple textures. Others are elaborate 3D graphics loops. Some are available free, others are...

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Ninja V update enables 5.9K RAW recording on S1H

Atomos has released a free AtomOS firmware update that will allow you to record the RAW signal right from the S1H in ProRes RAW.

The best royalty-free music and sound effects sites – 2020

Music and sound effects are a crucial part of any film or video project. Using royalty-free stock music in your next project is one way to cut costs without sacrificing quality.

Canon news: company is hit with ransomware attack

According to the news reports, Canon is experiencing a widespread outage and is being held hostage due to a ransomware attack.

Mavic Air 2 Review: Does it live up to the hype?

We took the Mavic Air 2 on a week-long adventure around Northern California capturing footage and photos of beautiful landmarks.  Along the...

VEGAS releases motion tracking in VEGAS POST Suite

VEGAS Creative Software announced it’s launching an update for its VEGAS POST Suite. The update focuses on editing, VFX, compositing and imaging tools