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How to capture dialogue for a narrative film

Recording clean audio is just as important to your narrative production as capturing well-composed video. In this article, we'll cover how to record professional-sounding dialogue for your narrative production.

How to choose the right music for your next video

Choosing the right music--whether you’re playing DJ around your friends, or doing something more serious like working on a video for a client-- can...

How to Use a Mixing Board

What do you do when you have more mics than inputs on your camera? It’s simple, get a mixer. A mixer will allow you...

A practical guide to acoustics and sound treatment

Acoustics is where the physics and aesthetics of sound meet. It's how we ascribe quantitative and qualitative meaning to a sound’s or environment’s properties....
Computer monitor with wave forms on screen

Graphic EQ: How to Use a Graphic Equalizer

Being able to correct issues in post-production that were created in the field will not only make you a stronger producer, but will also...

Sound mixing for video editors — How to mix like a...

In a nutshell The final soundtrack breaks down into four parts: dialog, sound effects, music and ambient background noiseKeeping sound elements on multiple tracks helps...
How to Use a Wireless Lav

How to properly use a wireless lavalier microphone

Lavaliers are the go-to microphone when requiring a localized, portable and hands-free solution when miking your talent. Lavaliers are primarily used with dialogue, where...
Understanding and applying signal flow is one of your best tools to increase productivity and avoid stumbling blocks.

From Source to Output: Audio Signal Flow for Videographers

The physical aspects of signal flow determine the flow of sound and its connections all the way from its source, capture, processing and output....
Signal Processing Techniques - Delay

Know Your Audio Signal Processing Techniques

Considering that this article will be delving into the rich world of signal processing, I feel honor-bound to make a few suggestions: Avoid large...
Sound Design: How Sound Helps Tell Your Visual Stories

Sound design: How sound helps tell your visual stories

Every scene in a film has carefully crafted sound design to represent what is going on. They represent the scene's location and the actions of characters.

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Microphone for audio exercise/

6 exercises to capture better audio

Great video is only possible with great audio, and the only way for you to do that is to exercise your audio recording skills.
Image from "Tiësto & Jauz - Infected" music video

Film sound design: Constructing narrative through sound

Sound design constructs the auditory landscape of production, including everything from dialogue to music to natural noises.

What is a boom operator’s role in video production?

Operating at the core of their films' sound department, boom operators play a critical role, often making or breaking audio recordings.
The Wilhelm scream origin

The Wilhelm scream: The origin of cinema’s decades-old inside joke

Though having been used for decades in cinema, many aspiring videographers don't know the origins of the Wilhelm scream.
ADR recording

Everything you need to know about ADR for video

ADR is a common process is filmmaking. So, what in ADR, and is it a "magic bullet" for post-production video editors?
Phantom power featured image

What’s phantom power and how can you use it?

Phantom power is one of the methods professional videographers use to supply power to their condenser microphones.
Frequency response featured image

Frequency response explained

The term "frequency response" is quite common in the audio space, but admittedly it will take some explaining to those new to it.
Flanger and phaser feature art

What’s the difference between a flanger and a phaser?

If you are trying to choose between a flanger or phaser when mixing audio, you first need to understand what they are and how pros use them.
microphone selection feature art

Choosing the right mic: A guide to microphone selection

There is no hiding the fact that, at first, microphone selection is daunting. This article helps you make faster and smarter mic selections.
Sound editing vs. sound mixing

Sound editing vs. sound mixing: What’s the difference?

Sound editing is the vehicle that moves a project's audio from the production to post-production stage. The main difference between sound editing vs. sound...

What is spatial sound, and how can it impact your content?

A new player in audio has emerged to the delight of anyone looking to enhance their streaming content. It’s called spatial sound. Videographers spend hours...

A comprehensive guide to audio roles in filmmaking

Fillmmaking requires several audio roles that work together to create great, impactful sound that adds to movies and video.

General microphone placement for good audio

Achieving good microphone placement is a surprisingly straightforward process and one grounded in physics and engineering concepts. Technical aspects like the microphone type directly influence the design, sensitivity, sound and directionality.

Everything you need to know about audio for video

When it comes to recording audio for video, there are a number of factors to keep in mind. We're here to cover everything you need to know.