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Stuff You Need to Know

Microphone with specifications manual

Deciphering Mic Tech Specs

Have you ever struggled choosing the best microphone for a particular situation? Let us demystify mic specifications to give you the power to make the best choice.
Monitoring Sound on Set: Setup and Listening

How to Properly Monitor Audio for Better Sounding Video

A long time ago in a childhood not so quite far away, I remember watching outtakes from “The Mummy Returns,” with one particular scene...
Signal Processing Techniques - Delay

Know Your Audio Signal Processing Techniques

Considering that this article will be delving into the rich world of signal processing, I feel honor-bound to make a few suggestions:Avoid large...
How to Use a Wireless Lav

How to Properly Use a Wireless Lavalier Microphone

Lavaliers are the go-to microphone when requiring a localized, portable and hands-free solution when miking your talent. Lavaliers are primarily used with dialogue, where...
Step by Step Guide to DIY Voice Over

Step by Step Guide to DIY Voice Over

Do you record a lot of voice overs or vocals? If so keep reading! Create a Voice Booth Having a flexible space allows you to configure...
Computer monitor with wave forms on screen

Graphic EQ: How to Use a Graphic Equalizer

Being able to correct issues in post-production that were created in the field will not only make you a stronger producer, but will also...
Sound dampening panels with 360 speakers

How To: DIY Sound Treatment

Depending on your point of view, I’ve either been lucky enough to travel and live in a lot of different places, or I’ve had...
Don’t Forget the Sound Effects

How to Properly Use Sound Effects to Enrich Your Next Video

If I were to sum up sound effects into a single word, that would be “control”. They are an extension of the same control...
Audio mixer board

Here’s the Sound Design and Audio Info You Need to Know

The worst mistake a videographer can make is forgetting about audio. Bad audio and sound design can leave any great shot useless. Here's how to avoid that.
The Mix - Multi-Track Mixing

Multi-Track Audio Mixing for Video Editors

In days of yore, when SD was the only D, you needed to make a project, mixing your audio into a single stereo track...

Video Courses

Church Video Production

How to Plan a Production (Free for Non-Members) Planning is vital to the success of any production. Without a plan, your video likely won’t succeed...

What's New

Techniques for ADR: How to record dialogue in post-production

Ever wonder what magic makes on-screen dialog sound crystal clear? It’s a little trick called ADR. We break down what it is and how to capture it yourself.

How to edit audio: Sound editing workflow for video editors

Every video editor should know how to edit audio. We tell you the process and steps to get it done. This is audio editing workflow for video editors.
Image of 2 shotgun microphones

Everything you need to know about shotgun microphones

Audio quality can make or break any film or video project. In the world of video production, shotgun microphones are widely considered the go-to standard.

Grammy Nominee Eric Alexandrakis: On “Psychogenic Fugue” and Scoring for Film & TV

Eric Alexandrakis is becoming well-known in the world of film and television as a master of sound for his unique approach to film scoring. With a newfound 2019 GRAMMY® nomination for Best Spoken Word Album (I.V. Catatonia: 20 Years as a Two-Time...

Hollywood-level sound editing

We talk with Joel Shryack about editing the sound for Jumanji: The Next Level.
lav mic on a 2 tone background

How to choose a lav mic

Sound is one of the most essential aspects of any video production. Much like cinematography, lighting, and editing, inconsistent sound can distract from your project. Options to capture representative sound vary case-by-case. Lavaliers, also known as lapel microphones, exist solely to make...
Shot of videographer holding a DIY parabolic mic dish, standing next to a camcorder on a tripod.

How to Build a Parabolic Microphone Dish

It's easier than you think to make your own parabolic microphone. In this tutorial we'll tell you why you need one and to DIY and inexpensive solution.

How to hide audio transitions for a cleaner sounding video

This article addresses audio transitions from the perspectives of working with short-form video, field recording, corporate sound, and freelance audio.
Sound Design: How Sound Helps Tell Your Visual Stories

Sound design: how sound helps tell your visual stories

Every scene in a film has carefully crafted sound design to represent what is going on. They represent the scene's location and the actions of characters.
Star Wars' cantina scene used as an example for diegetic sound

Diegetic sound vs non-diegetic sound

Die-what? [di-a-JE-tic]. Video editors are often mired in the details of their audio production and many of them aren't familiar with the term diegetic.
We have a few tips to help you fix messy audio

You can fix messy audio with these five tips

Even the most visually appealing video can instantly become amateurish when it is paired with a sub-par audio. Here's how you can fix messy audio.

Your essential guide to audio/video cables and connectors

As modern-day filmmakers, we deal in data. After all, we collect it, corral and manipulate it. Simply put, we are data cowboys/cowgirls....

How to capture dialogue for a narrative film

Recording clean audio is just as important to your narrative production as capturing well-composed video. In this article, we'll cover how to record professional-sounding dialogue for your narrative production.

11 Ways to combat wind noise

The best wind noise reduction is achieved at the time of recording by using every tool in your arsenal; everything afterward will always be...