Review: Eartec UltraLITE Headset is Way More Useful than You Might Realize

Eartec UltraLITE Headset


Mute Function is there...look again

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I can't believe you missed the mute function on these headsets. Rotate the microphone boom so it is vertical/in line with the head band. Voila, the mic is muted. Talk all you want to someone beside you, and it won't be broadcast to the rest of the crew wearing headsets, but you can still hear anyone who is are still 'in touch'. Pull the boom back into position and you're unmuted.

Did you really suggest that you turn off your headset to mute it...? So you are now cut off from the rest of the crew, receiving no communications, and have to watch for the crew team lead waving their hands frantically at you to turn your headset back on... Gosh, I know its not traditional, but there is a user manual for the headsets that outlines the RTFM. They call it the "automute function":

Other than that glaring error, I concur with the review, and find my Eartec kit to be very useful and reliable. You can purchase additional headsets, and there is a fairly simple process to pair the new headset with the Master unit. And the kit can be expanded to six wireless headsets and a seventh wired headset with the addition of the "Hub" that Eartec sells. Battery life is very good and of course each crew member should have a spare battery in their pocket. When the battery in a headset is low, a beeping sound will be heard every 20 seconds in that your crew will have warning when to swap a battery.

The kit consists of a "Master" unit and one or more "remotes." The master unit has to be turned on first for the remotes to connect. There is a power switch on the master unit that is different than on the remotes. The power switch on the battery compartment on the Master unit, and on the remotes the power switch is on the earpiece.

Another important feature, that the review fails to highlight/make clear, is that the headsets are completely self-contained. Everything you need is in the headsets..! There is no belt pack to wires running anywhere for the basic kit of up to four headsets. If you go with the expanded "hub" kit, then yes, that can be belt mounted, or attached to a tripod and the seventh headset is a wired headset attached to the Hub itself...but for the two, three or four headset kits, you have the headset and that is it...

I have four headsets in my kit, three single and one double. The single ear allows you to monitor the event ambience better, the double ear isolates you more and might be critically useful if the sound levels are high, i.e. if a camera operator is going to be close to loud sound sources and the double ear coverage will help them hear communications...but for my plans/events I expect to cover, the single ear sets will be more useful.

I recently used my set with someone who had never seen the Eartec units. They were quite impressed at the clarity, ease of use, and comfort. We could easily talk during the event without disturbing the audience and it really helped coordinate our coverage. Highly recommended if it fits your budget.

Thanks for pointing out the mute function!

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I was about to write these off as useless for lack of a mute button. Thanks for adding the info about how to mute them.
An on/off switch is not a substitute for mute. Crew needs to hear what is going on while being able to shield the rest of the crew from a local conversation so muting outbound without turning off inbound is important. Glad to hear these to have a mute.

Hygiene suggestion - HygenX45 Headphone Covers

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Good idea to keep hygiene in mind when sharing headsets with various crew members and through multiple events. You could look into a sanitizing spray that can be applied to the ear pads after each event. But I choose to go with the HamiltonBuhl HygenX45, Headphone covers (I purchased through B&HPhoto, but I'm sure they are available through other sources). These fit the UltraLite headsets, and the box I got has 100 pieces/covers. About $13 for a inexpensive, easy to apply, and comfortable. After the event, the crew member can dispose of it and your headset stays clean.