Review: Humaneyes Vuze Camera Simplifies 4K 3D 360 Spherical VR Recording

Humaneyes  Vuze 4K 3D 360 Spherical VR Camera


How do you preview the image?

Allynn's picture

I just got my Vuze camera and I'm having fun learning its strengths (and limitations). Your idea to snap a still and then preview that to see what needs to be adjusted for a video shoot is a great one but... how do you preview the still? Do you have break the camera set up down to transfer from the SD card? Or is there a way to get the image to the phone directly?

I think a better preview option is definitely needed. At the very least, a way to cycle though all four camera pairs to check for bad spots.

Too Much Hype

MickLB's picture

Too much hype and not enough software and viewing options once video is edited. Matching cameras as a system is a major problem beyond clean lenses. A first impression of obvious issues to be resolved have not been resolved. A nice experimental toy.