Panasonic AG-DVX200 Fixed-lens Camera Review

Panasonic AG-DVX200 Fixed-lens Camera



I started shooting short films on the dvx100b back in film school. We were all very impressed with the look and feel we were getting. I cant imagine being disappointed with The dvx200. Cant wait to own one :-)

Both SDI and HDMI as of the

Both SDI and HDMI as of the latest firmware. The signal is uncompressed 4:2:2 8 or 10-bit, so it depends on your external recording device what codec and bitrate it saves. So you could potentially be recording a 4:2:2 10-bit ProRes HQ .mov file at 880 Mbps. Keep in mind when using 10-bit external output the DVX200's internal recording is disabled.

But how is the signal?

I'm having trouble understanding Videomaker camera reviews—specifically, I have read the review a couple of times and couldn't tell you how the footage holds up in terms of image quality with respect to editing, compositing, grading, ramping, layering and all the other abuse to which the pix will be subjected. Is the signal clean enough to allow the picture to survive the broadcast or studio post-production chain?

I also can't tell where it falls with respect to other camera-lens combos. If we put the XA-10 at the bottom and an Alexa with a Cooke prime at the top, where does this camera fall. And is it really inferior to a Sony DSLR that lacks XLR inputs and other video specific features?

And finally, where does it fall in terms of what can be shot with it? Is it just a nice vacation camera? Can it be used for national TV commercials? Cable? Broadcast TV? Will it work as a camera for movies to be projected in a theater?

I'm SO confused!


"when shooting above -12 db. However our tests showed that when cranked to -20db and -24db"

Should this not be +12db, +20db, +24db? you're adding gain, not taking it away.

IQ summary

Would it be fair to say that this has the same video performance of a GH4 in a better form factor for video production, but without the ability to changes lenses?