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Canon XC10 Ultra HD Camcorder


Canon XC10 lousy camcorder

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Canon's new XC10 is not a camcorder and not a full blown camera. It is a hybrid camera with limited capabilities. 12MP stills, it is way below SLRs. Also video capability is limited. CF Compact card is an odd choice. The battery life is poor. You cannot shoot one hour of video without changing battery. I prefer Sony FDR-AX100 a lot more than Canon, It takes 24MP stills and 4k Video. because I can use long lasting battery and new UDC-1 SDXC cards. So stop patronizing Canon. Stick with real camcorder.

Useful info about this little guy

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I've shot with Canon gear for years. The 5DII was a revelation. This little guy is a very mixed bag, The dynamic range is pretty impressive in this video. Same for the stabilization. Definitely
enjoy the reviews here.

I do feel Canon missed the boat on a few important points. A huge one is this thing has a dedicated lens, and no power zoom? On a camcorder? Someone please correct me if I am wrong. If not, this is a gigantic oversight.

I have had my hands on one of these. Frankly, It feels a bit cheap, and the lack of external buttons to control operation is another issue. Clearly a cost saving measure. I do like the dedicated loupe viewer. You can spend $200 or more as an add on, and this is indispensable when shooting outdoors.

I ended up buying a C100 instead. It was a great buy when Canon dropped the price. Perhaps the same will eventually be so for this camera.

Canon X10 is not lousy because of smaller MP stills…

Just once, I wish those who think the more mega pixels (MP) on a device is the better would become more informed or understand most serious photographers want / demand a higher quality image rather than a super-stuffed MP image. Arguably the most important picture quality consideration is the sensor size on the device, NOT how many MPs a picture would have. For example, new phones and consumer cameras are advertising 36MP or more. But their sensor size, particularly phones, is ¼" (or smaller) — and that is a diagonal measurement. There is a reason why professional cameras have comparatively lower MP capacity AND large sensors. If you believe a 36MP picture taken using a ¼" sensor would be better than a 16MP picture taken on a full frame sensor, then you are thrilled with snap-shots, not photographs. If you are serious about photography, then you want to take photographs and portraits with a large sensor device, NOT snap-shot images using a dinky sensor, contextually regardless of the MP size of the picture.

The X10's sensor is about APC size, but a 12MP image on this comparately large sensor would clearly be a higher quality image than cramming 28-36MP onto this sized sensor, and most certainly better than consumer cameras and phones with really tiny sensors.

Your In Studio Video Seemed Way Clearer Than Test Footage

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I'm not an expert, but the test footage didn't seem that clear on my computer. The option for 1080 was available but not 4k. Maybe because of my video card/monitor. But it didn't seem that clear and any motion (even slow) seemed to blur the image. What did you use to film yourself in the studio? THAT was sharp!

It's been a while, but it was

It's been a while, but it was either the 5D Mark III or GH4. That said, everything looks sharper in the studio because of our fantastic studio lights. :)

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