Panasonic Lumix G7 Mirrorless Camera Review

Panasonic Lumix DMC-G7 Mirrorless Digital Camera


G7 vs. Canon HF G30

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Brian, this is a timely review!! The great forum community recommended this camera as a replacement for my trusty old Canon HV20 HDV tape (gasp!) camcorder so I have been researching the G7.

Here is my question. How does it compare with the Canon Vixia HF G30? That is probably the true camcorder I am looking at. Lets say from a video quality standpoint, audio recording, and low light? Of course having the interchangeable lens is a huge advantage....

I have been going back and forth on going the camcorder route or getting a camera that can double as my carry-around (image) camera when I don't want to bring my Nikon D7100. This seems like it hits that mark with an internal microphone input and no 20 minute recording limit...

Look forward to your thoughts.


G7 camera lenses...

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I just bought this exact camera. Was looking for a 4K camera on a budget. I'm now stuck on whether to sell all my Canon EOS lenses or fall on the sword and buy the Metabones adapter or a cheaper focal length adapter. I have about 4-5 Canon Lenses....Not 2 invested. Thoughts?

Does G7 cut off at 29 minutes?

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I saw elsewhere someone stating the G7 does NOT cut off at 29 minutes. But I just watched the videomaker G7 vs. GH4 video review and he stated that it was one difference between the two...the G7 cut off recording at 29 minutes.

I would be interested if you have noticed this?

4k on a budget camera?

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I still cannot see the point of 4k on an $800 camera? If you can afford the glass and gear that you need to make 4k worthwhile, the storage/editing equipment to actually process it, and the internet connection to upload it within a reasonable time frame... then you can probably afford to spend more on a camera body.

Great Camera!

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Why not have 4K in an $800 camera? Consumer editors can edit the files native or with proxies. So while the point may not be worthwhile for you, it's a killer camera at a great price. Why pay more.

But how does it compare to the RX100

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No doubt, this looks like it offers a lot of bang per buck. Especially for advanced, or even pro shooters. The design looks great overall, and I do love me some dials.

I've seen some really impressive footage from the Sony RX100 IV. Sure, you're married to the lens, and most everything is in the menu, but it sure is compact. I'd really love to see a comparison of the two.

Sensor is larger

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The sensor in the Sony is smaller. The sensor in the G7 is micro 4/3. But then, the Panasonic LX100 also has a larger sensor too. You can get the G7 with kit lens having the same range as the Sony and the camera will cost less. $600 at B&H. Also, nothing like a touch screen that is fully articulated. No, the G7 won't fit in your "pocket", but I carry the G7 or FZ300 around in a small shoulder bag that holds other "stuff". It does so much for so little cost. It's an amazing camera, the G7. I wanted a camera that could do video and stills. This one does, and does it very well.