Review: Canon 77D Offers a Step up from Canon's Rebel Line

Canon EOS 77D


Panasonic G85

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IBIS (In body image stabilization), 4K video, faster shooting, electronic viewfinder, focus peaking, and the list goes on and on.
Canon is, to me, just "refreshing" cameras with no real innovation.

Feature Comparison

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I used to own a Canon (still do but wife uses it). I waited for their 4K camera to come out. They came out with the XC10. I went for the GH4, but it was sold out everywhere when I was on vacation in the States. Came back to Europe, and there is that price difference. So I waited and bought the G7, and later FZ300. I am waiting for all the updates to come out for the GH5.
If you compared feature for feature between the Panasonic G80/85 to the 77D, you will wonder why you would consider buying the Canon unless you have heavily invested in Canon glass, which I think those that buy that camera really aren't. The Canon has so many "no it doesn't have" compared to the competition that it's just sad. 1080 is so "yesterday" once you start editing and looking at 4K, even if your output is 1080.
Canon "was" the industry leader. It has been resting on it's "past" glory while everyone is surpassing them.