Review: Why the Canon EOS Rebel T7i Might Be the New Standard in Vlogging

Canon EOS Rebel T7i Review


Canon living on reputation

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To someone new to photography and just starting out, Canon has that "reputation" that it's products are "better". Yes, the photos look great. You see a lot of pros using Canon. The ecosystem is the best. At one time, Canon was innovative being a DSLR that shot great video. But the Rebel line is behind the mirrorless Panasonic's and Sony's and subjectively, even behind Nikon's. The Panasonic G7 (priced at $500 at B&H with lens) leads with 4K video, burst 4K photos, post focusing, smaller and lighter, faster fps shooting, and so much more... Heck.... if you are looking for a $500 camera with f2.8 and a 25-600mm zoom (35mm equiv) along with all the Panasonic G7 4K advantages, 5 axis OIS, weather resistant, and more, there is the bridge camera, the FZ330. Yes, lower megapixels (12.1), and smaller sensor, but like the Rebel, shooting in great lighting produces nice images. Oh, let's not forget it's flip out touchscreen. How about IBIS in the the Panasonic G85 for a few dollars more than the Rebel with lens?
The 7ti is a nice camera, but doesn't offer anything much over the 6ti. There are to me, much more flexible and feature rich cameras out there for the same price.

Canon T7i is not the best entry level camera

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I can only recommend the T7i if it goes for $400 or less! The camera lacks a lot of features when compared to others in the same category. If this camera is for a budding videographer, the Panasonic G85 will be a better choice due to it's in-body stabilization, fully articulated touch screen, intuitive menu, 4k video, size, weight and other video related features.

Go for the SL2 instead

If you are looking to do blogging, the SL2 is basically the same camera as the T7i, jsut 200 bucks cheaper. The only things it is missing are the digital IS for video (might not be useful for you anyway and is replaced by much better lens based IS), and the SL@ has a 9 pt AF versus 45 pt for the T7i. But, in live view, all those AF points are useless, and since video is going to use live view, well, you can save 200 bucks instead.

As far as 4K, who needs it to blog? How many people can even view things in 4K? And not to mention the file size. It's good for some, but not for everyone.

4K for blogging

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Those that have never used it really don't know the capabilities that it affords someone in post production. The ability to reframe and crop are huge. Also, the visual quality, even if looking at it in 1080 on a 1080HD monitor is much better than a 1080 recorded video. Because someone might not have the bandwidth to view 4K doesn't mean everyone doesn't. As for file size, yes, it's bigger and does require a powerful computer to edit smoothly. But more and more people are going 4K. Nothing wrong with 1080P, but for the cost of the Canon SL, you can get a camera that does so much more, the Panasonic G7.