Panasonic HC-X1 Review

Panasonic HC-X1 Review


HC-X1 + SDI = AG-UX180

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Hi, when the only weakness of the HC-X1 the missing SDI is, consider the AG-UX180. It is, as far as I can see, completely identical to the HC-X1 except that an SDI output (HD only) and a Time Code Preset in- and output as BNC jacks are available where RCA CVBS and audio used to be. CVBS and audio is still available via TRS. The price is about $250 more.
As owner/user of the predecessor of the very similar HC-X1000 I am very much looking for one of both, particularly because its bigger sensor.

Super slo-mo.

You seem to have omitted the HC X1's ability to record 120fps in FHD which is a significant attribute. Also as a side line with it's 20x (480mm) optical zoom in 4K it can be cropped to 30x whilst maintaining a 1080p resolution. These two points were of huge significance to me when considering this camera as I'm sure they will be for others.

Depth of Field/Sport Videography

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How would you rate the depth of field or the ease to adjust the aperture? I am videographer at an Athletic Department who currently uses a mirrorless camera with a f/3.5 70 mm. I would like to use something that would be able to achieve a more shallow depth of field if possible? Is the aperture easily adjustable?

You mention that this camera is great for events. How would you rate this camera for shooting sports/athletics? Would it do well handheld?

Thank you!