NewBlue FX Titler Pro 4

The main difference is the number of template packs included, though the top tier also throws in After Effects integration.

The system handles title design, movement, transitions and background layers. Users can adapt the included — fully modifiable — templates or create their own. The system accepts vector files and layered PSD files. Font tweaks, multiple light sources and even 3D extrusion are supported on a per letter/object basis. True granularity is the best description.

In your NLE project, use the integrated Quick Edit™ to modify titles on an individual basis, or perform mass changes on the template itself. An “elastic timeline” helps to quickly alter timing without adjusting keyframes.

Standalone and/or integrated with your NLE, v4 sees interface and performance upgrades. Users can now determine preview and render quality while keyboard shortcuts, gridlines and rulers help with precision and speed. Some of the included presets and templates may appear over the top, but again, they can be fully altered to your liking.

New users will be breezing through next-level title design within minutes after opening the program. Returning users will love the new workflow and performance enhancements. We’d love to see even more interface refinements but don’t think that makes us any less enamored by what this program is currently.

Peter Zunitch is a video editor for Medscape/WebMD.

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