Review: Apple iMac Pro Brings Pro Specs to the All-in-One Form Factor

Apple iMac Pro


Old iMac Pro

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What is old iMac Pro?  Is it not iMac 2017 5k model? (For fun, we also put this machine up against the previous iMac Pro with a 4.2GHz i7, 32GB of RAM and a Radeon Pro 580 8GB) 

Any comment against Mac Pro (trashcan) with 12 core ? 




8 core was my choice

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Couldn't quite stretch to 10 core, so I got 8 core with 1TB SSD and 64GB ram. I have a TB3 connected Promise Pegasus S3 24TB box for video editing and Synology DS1815+ with 52TB of unformatted HDD for archiving and external media storage.

I found this configuration to be very sweet for my needs and can recommen it. (I also have a 2nd 27" Cinema screen for menus and stuff).

Your Apple iMac computer article...

Very interesting, especially since the cable access tv station I produce content for just purchased and installed 19 new ones. I’m still a Mac man, but I’m glad I read your article. An educated consumer is a well warned and happy consumer, and, especially after my son’s iMac shut down on him...

I will gladly past this valuable information on...

Thank you,

Ted Lewis