Review: Filmstro Pro Offers Unique Control Over Your Video’s Soundtrack

How many times have you searched and searched for music for a project, then when you finally find the song you like, it doesn't quite fit? Having the right soundtrack to match the feeling of your video is no easy task. Short of having a composer at your fingertips, Filmstro Pro might be just what you need. Filmstro Pro allows you to customize the momentum, depth and power of songs from their library with the simple control of three faders. If you have ever needed a rich score for your video, then you should consider Filmstro Pro.

How it works

Filmstro Pro is very simple and easy to use. First you import your video, then start looking for music. Browsing the music in Filmstro’s library is built right into the program. As you audition each track, you can manipulate the three faders to see what range the song has. Once you have chosen a song, you can drag it into the built in timeline and begin to manipulate it to fit your story. You are able to either add keyframes where you want the music to change, or you can make changes in real time as your video plays. Once you have made the adjustments you require, export the track. That’s it.

Filmstro Pro has over 60 albums to choose from.

Filmstro Pro has over 60 albums to choose from. That’s an impressive library — not the largest, but big enough you won't quickly use up the good stuff. They will even let you audition their full library for free, if you want to try them out. Overall the music is high quality. Quality melodies that fit themselves easily into a story. We didn't find looking for music to be difficult either. The library is easy to browse.

In Practice

The most common edit for us here at Videomaker is a super cut — nothing more than footage cut to the beat of a song to show off test footage. When doing a video montage, the right song is key. However, typically this kind of edit starts with the song. It’s hard to anticipate beats to cut on, if there is no music yet. For this type of use, Fimstro Pro isn't the best fit. The way to achieve this type of edit is to choose a song up front, then modify it after the cut has been made. Not a big deal, but depending on your workflow, it could be easy or it could be a different order of steps than you're used to.

After experiencing a different process than we were used to, we moved on to a different kind of edit — one connected to story. The story had a narration, and the cut was based on the tempo of the narration. Then when the cut was done, we brought it into to Filmstro Pro and choose some music. We didn't struggle to find a few songs that fit as we auditioned them to the video. This is where Filmstro shined. The faders were easy to adjust. Momentum, depth and power are somewhat subjective parameters, but the way they adjust is very intuitive.

Although you can set keyframes and draw in how much of each control you want, we found it worked best if operating in real time as the song played. This allowed us to build crescendos into the score. Typically when using a pre-made soundtrack to your video, you can get lucky and the music has a natural build up where you need it. Being able to dial it in to exactly how you want is very cool. The most accurate process we experienced was to control one fader at a time, watching your video three times to write each parameter — very cool.

Price Structure

The price varies greatly depending on who you are and how you plan to use the music. Get complete access to the full library and all functions of Filmstro Pro for as little as ten dollars. However, that is if you are an individual and intend on only using the music for non-monetized YouTube & Vimeo videos, and other video platforms if not paid advertising. It can be used on Social media and on your website and showreel excluding wedding videos. It can be used for submission and screening for film festivals, but excludes distribution. Lastly, it can be included on free podcasts, tutorials, games, apps and crowd funding videos.

If you need different distribution or are larger than an individual, the tier of usage can be modified. The most expensive option is for profit organizations used for branded content; it costs 300 dollars per month if you pay month to month. They have a pricing tab on their website to help understand what type of licensing you need. If you’re considering Filmstro Pro, check it out; it will simplify things for you.


Music catalogs for production range greatly. On top of that, most have a different practice on how they do transactions. Some services like Premium Beat will sell you an individual song for 49 dollars, and songs can be used for anything. But that won’t work for producers that need more than a song here or there. If your demand requires it, a subscription based program like MegaTrax could be your best bet. Some libraries will allow you to negotiate your price and require a yearly or more contract, so keep that in mind. No matter what option you choose, make sure you understand how you are allowed to distribute the video you create with it. This is typically the biggest factor on what they will charge you. 

Conclusion and Recommendation

Filmstro Pro is easy to use. Browsing their library is also simple. We don’t think it is suited for all production music needs, but it is a unique product that can give some great results. The Filmstro Pro library of 60 albums is a decent size, and should make finding good music somewhat painless. The subscription based pricing for Filmstro Pro will be the biggest sticking point for some, mostly based on how you distribute your work and how many people are part of your organization.


PRICE: $10 to $300 per month


  • Easy to use interface
  • High quality music


  • Not suited for all types of edits


  • Filmstro Pro is a monthly subscription software for production music. Its unique mood controls allow the user to customize their full 60 album library. Depending on your useage, it can be affordable to moderately expensive.


  • Anyone


Requirements: 10GB disk space, 4GB RAM, decent processor

Chris Monlux loves to play and write music. He is also Videomaker’s Multimedia Editor.

Chris Monlux
Chris Monlux
Chris Monlux Videomaker's Multimedia Editor

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