SmartSound SonicFire Pro 6 Review

SmartSound SonicFire Pro 6 Review


Sonicfire Pro 6.0 - just a point

To buy single tracks or albums is pretty costly. But they also sell album packs. I brought Sonicfire Pro 6.0 and 25 album-pack. I think I paid a little over $700,- So far I have just downloaded 15 albums, and I have music for all my productions. Most of my albums is multitrack which means that I can vary the instrumentation in excess to different versions of each track. Every album has 10 track or more. And each track seems to have at least 2 or 3 variations, and instrumentation can vary from 5 to 10 or more pr. song (track).
And the ease of use is very good. I use Vegas Pro at my NLE and when fitting music, I just mark the section where I want the music, and a menu choice brings up Sonicfire Pro with the exact lengt as default. I can change the length at will.
When I have found the perfect sound, a new menychoice and I'm back in Vegas Pro, with the selected song in a free audiotrack exactly where I marked it. (I can move it if I want to.)

I find Sonic Pro 6 to be very good and not all that expensive. It also has a few albums with sound effects which also comes in handy.

I will recommend that you try it. But the trial version is next to useless. You need to buy it to really test it.
(I'm in now way connected to the company in any way.)

Sonicfire Pro

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Love this software! After listening to and trying out different song choices, I simply chose the song (emotion) that fits best, enter the exact duration needed and like magic, the selected song now has a beginning, middle and end to the exact length of time needed.
Purchased a plugin so that it works seamlessly within FCPX.
Cons: It's a bit pricey, but on occasion they offer sale prices.

Tremendous software

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This plugin also works with Pinnacle Studio. I am using it right now in Pinnacle Studio 20 Ultimate. What SFP does that the other software doesn't is to be able to customize the song far far greater. I suggest people watch a tutorial to begin to grasp how much this music software can do. Besides having different variations of a song, with the Mood Mapping, you can have only the drums playing, or leads including adjusting the volume for them along with with the transition time between them. Hit files to emphasize, and of course scoring with more than one song on the timeline.
Yes, the albums and individual songs can be "expensive", but I too wait for sales and buy then. You can with the software customize the music to the video instead of the video to the music. Can't beat that!
If you need tech support, it's stellar! I've had "noob" questions answered quickly, and tech issues resolved in just one email. I highly recommend this if you create a lot of videos and need music for them. Again, nothing beats the ease of use and the way you can totally customize a song.
No, not employed or paid by Smartsound. Just a tremendously happy user of their product for over 12 years.