Shoot with Caution: Video, the Law and You

Shoot with Caution: Video, the Law and You


How about a real example?

I'd like to use a song from the Disney Movie "Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs" to accompany some footage I took of wildlife in Africa.  "Heigh-Ho" would make some hard-working insects look like movie stars, and be a lot more fun compared to the royalty-free music I typically use.  

The three-minute movie would be submitted to some not-for-profit amateur movie festivals, and I'd like to put it on youtube.

Who would I contact for the rights?  I know it involves both the author and performer.  And how much would I expect to pay?

If you make a parody and

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If you make a parody and record it yourself, then nothing. If you want to use it, you need to contact Harry Fox Agency. The cost is dependent on if you re-record it, or use a copy.

Can I shoot signs of business on the street?

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I'd like to use the city scenes with the shop signs in my video. It will be some KTV signs, signs of some restaurants and so on. It will last for 1-2 seconds and the whole video will be around 40 minutes. Can I do it?

Incidental street music in video clips of street life/events

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I have shot a number of street scenes where music is heard playing from a nearby shop or whatever, and when posting on you-tube it gets challenged for copyright. I have no control over what is played on the streets - do such incidental street sounds still have copyright limitations?