Grand Prize: Panasonic PV-DV710 Digital Palmcorder
$2500 value

First Prize: Videonics MXPro Digital Video Mixer

$1799 value

Second Prize: Elite Video BVP-4+ Video Processor

$995 value


8 Tips for Making a Stellar First Video

Free eBook


8 Tips for Making a Stellar First Video

Free eBook


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Third Prize: Iomega Buz Multimedia Producer & Jaz 1GB drive

$500 value

Fourth Prize: NRG Resources 780-11 DayPro Power Belt

$319 value

Desktop Video Bonus: Ulead Systems MediaStudio Pro 5.0 Nonlinear Editing Software

$595 value

Young Videomaker Bonus: Azden 111LT Wireless Microphone System

$495 value

Entry Guidelines

  • The 1998 Videomaker/Panasonic Contest is open to all videographers unaffiliated with Videomaker
    or any of the contest sponsors.

  • Use any of the NTSC consumer video
    formats–8mm, Hi8, VHS, S-VHS, VHS-C, S-VHS-C or DV.

  • Tapes must be produced on equipment
    totaling no more than $20,000 in original value; each entry must
    include an equipment list showing the original list price for
    each component. Contestants will receive rating points for each
    $1000 less than $20,000 of their total equipment value.

  • Contestants must submit proof
    (e.g. signed agreement by copyright holder) that they hold rights
    to any music used in entries, as well as to any photography, film
    or TV clips.

  • Submit one entry per videocassette
    and one form per entry. Do not affix entry forms or labels to

  • Address submissions to The 1998
    Videomaker/Panasonic Contest, Videomaker, P.O. Box
    4591, Chico, CA 95927.

  • Entry fee for the 1998 Videomaker/Panasonic
    Contest is $5. If you wish to have your tape returned to you,
    include an additional $5 ($10 total) for shipping and handling.

  • Entries must be received by August
    31, 1998. Tapes received after this date will be disqualified.

  • Winners will be announced in the
    February 1999 issue of Videomaker. Except for those returned,
    all tapes become property of Videomaker, and contestants
    consent to Videomaker’s use of entries for promotional
    and/or editorial purposes.

  • Winners are responsible for any
    state, federal or other taxes resulting from the receipt of prizes.

Videomaker takes no responsibility for any loss or damage to tapes occurring during
the contest.

How To Enter:

  1. Fill out entry form completely.
  2. Enclose a list describing all
    equipment used in the production. Give the market dollar value
    of each piece of equipment.
  3. Enclose a declaration of copyright
    release for all music, photography, film or video used in the
  4. Enclose $5 for the entry fee.
    If you want your tape returned to you, enclose an additional $5.
    Send checks or money orders only, please, made payable to Videomaker.
  5. Send tape, form, list, release(s)
    and payment to:

    The 1998 Videomaker/Panasonic Contest
    P.O. Box 4591
    Chico, CA 95927

  6. Enter as many times as you like. Send each entry separately according to the above procedures.

Entry Form

Tape Title ___________________________________________
Name ____________________Address______________________
City ____________________State __________Zip __________
Telephone Number ______________________________________

___ Check here if competing for Desktop Video bonus.

___ Check here if 20 or under and competing for Young
Videomaker bonus.

___ Check here if you would like your video returned.
(Enclose additional $5 payment ($10 total) for shipping and handling.)

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