The year 2005 has come and gone, so in keeping with tradition, we present our annual index of articles for your quick researching convenience.




January, p. 33


8 Tips for Making a Stellar First Video

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8 Tips for Making a Stellar First Video

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Music Libraries

January, p. 39

Audio Mixers

February, p. 31

Animation Software

March, p. 43

Editing Hardware and Software

March, p. 29

DVD Recorders

April, p. 39

DVD Authoring Software

April, p. 29

Scripting and Storyboarding Software

May, p. 39

Lights and Reflectors

May, p. 31

Video Switchers

June, p. 37

Digital Camcorders

June, p. 28

Cases and Bags

July, p. 40


July, p. 30


August, p. 33

Computers for Editing

August, p. 28


September, p. 35

Video Capture Cards

September, p. 27

Compositing and Effects

October, p. 41

Video Connectors

October, p. 35

Lens Accessories
November, p. 36

Editing Software

November, p. 29

Blank Media

December, p. 45


December, p. 31


48 Hour Film Challenge

August, p. 54

Peer To Peer File Sharing

March, p. 47

You TV: Every Person a Broadcaster in Broadband Land

November, p. 54

Production Techniques

Shooting HDV

January, p. 44

Plan the Shoot: Part 1 of
Production Planning

April, p. 49

Shoot the Plan: Part 2 of
Production Planning

May, p. 46

Edit The Plan: Part 3 of
Production Planning

June, p. 42

Wardrobe & Make-Up

September, p. 55

Approaches and Elements
for Video Production

October, p. 55


Beef it Up: Basic Hardware
Requirements for Editing

July, p. 55

Cracking the Video
Time Code

July, p. 45

DV Formats Demystified

October, p. 46

Shooting a la Mode

November, p. 45


Roll 'Em!

January, p. 49

Best Products of Year

February, p. 38

2004 Videomaker Contest Winners

April, p. 45

2005 Videomaker Expo
Wrap Up

May, p. 43

Model Release Form

September, p. 76

Intro to Genres

September, p. 41


Viewfinder by Matthew York

New Beginnings: a New Look for a New Year.

January, p. 4

Give Narrating a Try

February, p. 4

Producing More Enjoyable Video

March, p. 4

Reaching Larger Audiences

April, p. 4

Why do People Like Stories?

May, p. 4


June, p. 4

Sundance Visions

July, p. 4

How do You Feel about
Making Video

August, p. 4


September, p. 4

A New Way

October, p. 4


November, p. 4

New Career

December, p. 4

Basic Training

Camera Magic

January, p. 52

11 Steps to Add Some Spice

February, p. 48

The (Alien) Sky's the Limit!

March, p. 51

The 9 Classic Camera Moves

April, p. 54

What were you THINKING?!

May, p. 52

Winning with Composition

June, p. 50

Shooting on the Go

July, p. 60

Shooting the Four Seasons

August, p. 58

Shoot to Show or to Edit

September, p. 60

10 Life Lessons from Video

October, p. 60

Lenses – The Long and Short

November, p. 58

Gearing Up for Battle

December, p. 60


Why Three-Point Lighting?

January, p. 64

Diffusion for Contrast Control

February, p. 60

Get Creative with Cookies!

March, p. 62

Mopping up Spills

April, p. 64

Moving Targets

May, p. 62

Lights for Different Jobs

June, p. 60

Color Temperature Strategies

July, p. 68

On-Camera Lighting

August, p. 68

Pulling the Plug

September, p. 70

Lighting the New Compositing

October, p. 68

One-Light to Cover them All

November, p. 68

Back to the Hardware Store?

December, p. 70


Feel the Power!

January, p. 59

Tips for Editing Montages

February, p. 55

HDV Editing!

March, p. 56

DVD Menu Authoring

April, p. 59

Family Time: Cutting the Album

May, p. 57

Multicam Editing

June, p. 55

Using Still Photos in Video

July, p. 64

Make Room for Data

August, p. 64

Manipulating Time

September, p. 66

Logging Software, Evolved

October, p. 64

The Kindest Cut of All

November, p. 64

The 3-Ring 3D Title Circus!

December, p. 66

Sound Advice

Audio Isolation

January, p. 68

Working the Room

February, p. 66

Doin' the Bump

March, p. 73

Can You Hear Me Now?

April, p. 68

Hooking Up

May, p. 72

The Natural Approach

June, p. 65

Traveling Sounds

July, p. 72

A Little Balance

August, p. 73

Surround on the Cheap

Part 1, September, p. 72

Part 2, October, p. 73

Rip It Good

November, p. 74

The Sounds of the Holidays

December, p. 74


Shooting Terms

February, p. 80

Lighting Terms

July, p. 80

Test Bench


Samsung SCD6040 Mini DV

January, p. 20

Panasonic PV-GS400 vs.
Sony DCR-HC1000 Mini DV

February, p. 18

JVC GR-D33 Mini DV

March, p. 16

Panasonic VDR-M50PP DVD

April, p. 18

Fisher FVD-C1 SD Card

May, p. 18

Sony DCR-HC32 Mini DV

June, p. 24

Sony DCR-PC55 Mini DV

July, p. 14


August, p. 14


September, p. 14

Panasonic PV-GS35 Mini DV

October, p. 27

Hitachi DZ-GX20A DVD
November, p. 14


December, p. 28

Editing Software

Adobe Premiere Elements

February, p. 28

Pinnacle Studio Plus 9

May, p. 28

Apple iMovie HD

June, p. 16

Magix Movie Edit Pro 10

July, p. 18

Apple Final Cut Express HD

September, p. 18

Avid Xpress Pro HD

October, p. 18

Apple Final Cut Studio

November, p. 18

CyberLink PowerDirector 4.0

December, p. 26

Sony Media Software Vegas 6

December, p. 24

DVD Hardware

Lite-On LVW-5045 DVD Recorder

August, p. 18

Disc Makers ReflexMax4 DVD Duplicator

August, p. 21

DVD Software

Apple DVD Studio Pro 3

February, p. 23

Ulead DVD MovieFactory 3

February, p. 26

Nero 6.6 Ultra Edition

April, p. 26

NTI CD & DVD Maker 7
Titanium Suite

June, p. 18

Tsunami MPEG DVD Author

August, p. 24

Apple iDVD 5.0

August, p. 26

Roxio Easy Media Creator 7.5
September, p. 24

Tsunami MPEG DVD EasyPack Suite

November, p. 26

Editing Systems

Alienware Roswell 5000

March, p. 18

MacroSystem Casablanca Solitaire

March, p. 21

Apple iMac G5

July, p. 24

Alienware Area 51

July, p. 26

HP xw9300

November, p. 24


Nady SRM-10X Audio Mixer

January, p. 22

Studio 1 XLR-MIX Pro, Guy Graphics GG-14 and Audio Technica AT8410a

January, p. 28

Mackie 1402-VLZ Pro

May, p. 20

Rode VideoMic

September, p. 20


ADS Instant DVD 2.0

March, p. 24

Voyetra Turtle Beach Video
Advantage PCI

May, p. 26

Creative USB Sound Blaster Audigy
2 ZS Video Editor

October, p. 22

ADS Pyro Studio Bundle

December, p. 22


Lowel DV Creator 44 Tungsten

Four-Light Kit

March, p. 26

Photoflex 3' Octodome nxt Softbox

October, p. 24


Seagate 5.0 GB USB 2.0 Hard Drive

May, p. 23

Infrant ReadyNAS 600 Network Attached Storage Device with 4 250GB Hard Drives

October, p. 30

Other Hardware

Davis & Sanford Provista Airlift Tripod
with FM18 Head

June, p. 21

Matrox Parhelia Video Card

December, p. 20

Other Software

Apple Motion Compositing Software

January, p. 30

Digital Juice StackTraxx Production Library

January, p. 25

Adobe Photoshop Album 2.0 vs. Ulead Photo Explorer 8.5

April, p. 20

Animated Communications 3dChor Video
Effects Studio

April, p. 24

inal Draft 7 Scriptwriting Software

July, p. 21

Adobe Photoshop CS2 Image Editing Software

November, p. 21

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