2005 Videomaker/Digital Juice Short Video Contest Call for Entries

It's time for the 19th Annual Videomaker/Digital Juice Short Video Contest. Take a chance--put your video skills on the line, and you might just win some great video tools.

Without further ado it's time for the 19th Annual Videomaker/Digital Juice Short Video Contest. Take a chance--put your video skills on the line, and you might just win some great video tools.

Send us your finest work on any topic, as long as the body of the production is five minutes or less in length. The possibilities are endless. Entries must be on disc--either CD or DVD, in Windows Media or QuickTime format (no bitrate restrictions) or DVD-Video. Entries must be in our office by October 31, 2005 (see Entry Guidelines). Videomaker's editors will judge the entries and will be looking for technical proficiency, image quality and overall excellence. The best of the best videos will compete for the Grand Prize and the numbered prizes. If you're under 20, a Young Videographer bonus award is up for grabs, and if you're over 55, the Senior Videographer Award could be yours.

The winning announcements will appear in the May 2006 issue of Videomaker.

GRAND PRIZE: Digital Juice-Graphics/music/footage Mega-Pack ($7,854)
27 Volumes of Jump Backs Animated Backgrounds, 10 Volumes of StackTraxx Production Music, 6 Volumes of Editor's Toolkits Animated Graphic Sets, 3 Volumes of VideoTraxx Stock Footage Library
(800) 525-2203

FIRST PRIZE: NewTek VT [4] ($3,995)
(800) 847-6111

SECOND PRIZE:JonyJib JonyPrompter ($1,995)

THIRD PRIZE: VariZoom DV Sportster Combo Kit ($1,800)
(888) 826-3399

FOURTH PRIZE: Sony Media Software Vegas+DVD Production Suite ($900)
(800) 577-6642

BEST MUSIC VIDEO: Trilab Digital Hotcakes Grand Slam ($579)
(318) 603-0236

BEST CLASSROOM VIDEO: (Note: "Classroom Video" is defined as a video produced over the course of a K-12 or college-level video production class.) Serious Magic Visual Communicator Studio ($490)
(916) 985-8000

BEST SPORTS VIDEO: Azden 100LTH Wireless Microphone ($450)
(516) 328-7500

BEST DRAMA/ACTION: Lite-On LVW 5045 DVD Recorder ($449)
(408) 935-5353

BEST DOCUMENTARY: Bogen Manfrotto 745B Tripod with 701RC2 Head ($408)
(201) 818-9500

(800) 85-ULEAD

BEST COMEDY: PixelPops PopDrops DVD Menu and Packaging Templates ($230)
(972) 234-0009

BEST TRAINING VIDEO: Tenba TriPak Case for Tripods and Light Stands ($185)
(585) 697-3444

BEST COMMERCIAL OR PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: (Note: Commercials and PSAs must be :30 or :60 in duration.) Music 2 Hues - 4 Flagship Collection Music Library CDs ($125)
(888) 821-7515

BEST EXPERIMENTAL VIDEO: Roadwired Skooba Satchel ($100)
(585) 697-3444

BEST FOREIGN-LANGUAGE VIDEO: (Note: Please provide English subtitles.) JHL Technologies quik Templates ($60)
(888) 316-6002

Check Out Past Winners

See streaming samples of our 2004 contest winners at www.videomaker.com

Entry Guidelines

  • The 2005 Videomaker/Digital Juice Short Video Contest is open to all videographers unaffiliated with Video-maker or any of the contest's sponsors.
  • Entries must be submitted as Windows Media or QuickTime burned to CD or DVD, or a DVD-Video disc. Entries on videotape will be disqualified.
  • Entries must be five minutes or less in length, and include an equipment list showing the original list price for each component used in the production. Equipment must total no more than $20,000. The cost of equipment used will be taken into consideration in judging.
  • Written proof of copyright must be included with the entry for all materials, audio and video, used in the production. Written proof must be a document signed by the copyright holder giving the videographer, by name, explicit permission to use the specific material. In the case of royalty-free content, the videographer must list the name of the library and track or name of media clip used.
  • Enter as many videos as you like, but send each entry on its own individual disc. If you are entering the same video in several categories, send only one copy of the disc and one entry fee, then check off all categories the video fits on the entry form.
  • Entry fee for the 2005 Videomaker/Digital Juice Short Video Contest is $10.
  • Entries must be received on or before 5PM Pacific Time Monday, October 31, 2005. Discs received after this date will be disqualified.
  • Winners will be announced in a future issue of Videomaker. All submissions become property of Videomaker. All contestants consent to Videomaker's use of entries for promotional and/or editorial purposes.
  • Winners' names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses will be provided to the prize sponsors.
  • Winners are responsible for any state, federal or other taxes or duties resulting from the receipt of prizes. Without exception, the full values of winnings will be declared on customs forms, if prizes are to be shipped outside the United States of America.

    Videomaker takes no responsibility for any loss or damage to discs occurring during the contest. Note: never send your master.

    How to Enter

    • Fill out the entry form completely. If you are sending more than one entry, photocopy and fill out a separate entry form for each.
    • You may send multiple discs in the same envelope and pay for all entries with a single check or money order payable to Videomaker.
    • For each submission, enclose a list describing all equipment used in the production. Give the dollar value (new) of each piece of equipment.
    • Enclose a declaration of copyright release for all music, photography, film or video used in each submission.
    • Please do not apply stick-on paper labels to your discs. (That is to say, "Impress us with your video, not the physical media that your video is recorded onto.") We encourage you to label your disc with a suitable marker for optical media or to use an inkjet printer that can print on the surfaces of discs.
    • Enclose $10 entry fee for each submission. Send check or money order only, please. All payments must be made in US funds. Wire transfers are not accepted. Make payable to Videomaker.
    • Enclose your disc(s), entry form(s), list(s), release(s) and payment and send to:

    The Videomaker/Digital Juice Short Video Contest 2005 - PO Box 4591 - Chico, CA 95927

    Download entry form

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