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But what about the differences in Class 10 SD cards

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Good article.  Thank you


I am interested in knowing  about the different speeds that are offered with class 10 cards.  And the big price differences.  One can get a 32 GB card for 30 dollars or 200 dollars.


Some say 100X 200X 400X


Or to confuse it more, some say 20MB/s 45/MB/s and so on.


  If you are trying to make the highest quality video you can with the cards, do these things matter?



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Just get a high quality card

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Just get a high quality card from a reliable vendor like the Sandisk 30mb/s or faster SDHC/SDXC cards. Even if your camera does not need a super fast card it will upload to your computer faster if you use an USB 3.0 card reader and your computer has an USB 3.0 port.

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Thank you

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I appreciate you taking the time to give me some specific information.


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You need to know what megabit

You need to know what megabit your camera records at in order to figure out which SD card is right for you. Once you have that figured out you should line it up with the appropriate MB amount. If there are 2 cards that are the same class but different price, there is no reason so just go with the cheaper one. 


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Lack of Info

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Thank you for the great article.  I was curious as to why you did not cover MB/s on the SD cards?  This is the most confusing part of it.  Since this is a professional publication I would assume that most people know that we all need a class 10 card of which you published a chart showing the differences but you failed to show a chart on the MB/s.  Also I was curious as to why you did not cover SSD's?  Thanks and keep up the good work.


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SD card clarification

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Did I miss some info?

Where is the label info?  Where is the speed chart below?



To make it easy to differentiate, manufacturers have created a labeling system that gives a speed rating that can be identified. Each SD, miniSD and microSD card will have one of the following labels on them:
Using the chart below, in addition to your digital camcorder manual, you can find which speed will perform best in your camera.

Here is the chart

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Here is the chart refferred to and in the above article.  I copied it from above and pasted it here.

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